Published: October 29, 2019
Published: October 29, 2019

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Emeline: The Chemists Behind the Coolest Facade Printing

Every now and then, technological innovations lead to the creation of what can only be called a piece of art. And with photographs now able to transform buildings into stunning artworks, the only limits that exist are their creators’ imagination.

All of this is thanks to PPG RAYCRON® electron-beam cured coatings. These products give architects and designers infinite possibilities for creating facades that feature dynamic images protected for decades by a durable clear topcoat.

Emeline Firmin, Ultra Violet-Electron Beam and wood coatings lab manager, Marly, France, is one of our colleagues involved in this fascinating innovation – a whole system of coatings going under the brand name PPG Raycron. Her role places her in charge of the maintenance and the development of this platform, technically speaking, for EMEA.

Living Colors and Stunning Printed Designs on Any Exterior

Designing the perfect building is not just about the shape, functionality or fancy interiors. What truly makes a building stand out is the thing that visitors see first, the exterior.

Using PPG Raycron Coatings, designers can now have the color, look and durability of their vision, in a few layers, cured in an electron beam. From vivid colors to digitally-printed designs that cover entire surfaces of huge buildings, with Raycron, the possibilities are endless.

PPG Raycron Coatings are based on a fast curing technology. Products cure under a UV lamp and/or electron beam in a few seconds (even less!). This can increase productivity a lot. They are also answering today’s requests on sustainability as they are 100% solid. Finally, they provide a high final performance, such as excellent scratch resistance and very nice finishing.

Beyond full colors, we can use digital printing applications to answer all designers’ needs.
I like investigating solutions to customers’ challenging expectations.

Emeline initially joined our company as a chemical engineer more than 15 years ago. And in her current position, as well as being responsible for the UV-EB European lab in France, she also takes care of Joinery and Interior Wood in Poland.

From helping with production steps, quality control and ensuring that we improve our costs without sacrificing performance, her role keeps her in close contact with customers.

The Possibilities Are Infinite

We have to develop the right products/systems, accordingly, to our customers’ expectations in terms of performance and costs.
For some, working yourself across two locations and so many tasks might seem like a challenge. However, Emeline firmly believes in developing the right products and systems to meet our customers’ expectations, regardless of where and how you do it.

As Emeline explains, with access to raw materials and processes and the need to balance regulations, costs and performance, it’s all about discovering the perfect compromise.

Learn from Those Around You

And if there is one thing that Emeline has discovered in her time at PPG, it is about learning from those around you. Chemists, like her, enjoy a global network of people that are only too enthusiastic to help and answer your questions as if you are a long-term, trusted colleague.

It is no surprise then that the advice Emeline would give her younger self is to learn from everyone, regardless of their product range, lab or country. Every working experience is as unique as the people you encounter. Take your time and enjoy every minute, it will help you to grow and reach your full potential.