Published: June 01, 2018
Published: June 01, 2018

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Give Your Furniture A New Vintage Feel

Vintage lovers rejoice! You can now add a rustic finish to your home and garden thanks to the launch of Bondex’s new range of vintage paint, which is produced in France and Demark.

Bondex Vintage Effect is a water-based décor paint mainly for use on wooden furniture. It’s environmentally friendly, quick to dry, and leaves no unpleasant odors. The product is also really easy to apply so you won’t need any special training in getting that washed, antique style.

An Innovation in Paint

The white and grey shades that are most often associated with the vintage style can be used in many ways and can be combined with each other or with other waxes. Simply allow the paint to dry on the surface and without wiping it down, you can achieve a look similar to that of a matte lacquer. There is no need for sanding between layers, which makes it even easier and faster to work with!

The Bondex Metal and Patina Effect Waxes highlight natural bulges and edges on furniture. They also cover scratches and stains, while working with the grain of the wood, thanks to the innovative use of beeswax. The brand new, vintage products have been introduced to the market in Hungary including; five shades from the Bondex Vintage Effect range (white, mineral grey, darker grey, sea fog and ice marble), two shades from the Metal Effect Waxes (silver and gold) and one from the Patina Effect Wax (black).

Two more shades will be introduced from the Vintage Effect range light rose and light blue, as well as one more shade from the Patina Effect Wax range; white.

Award Winning

The Bondex Vintage Family has also been awarded two Product of the Year Awards in Hungary. The brand scooped the win for both the chalk paint and wax categories.

To introduce the products into the market, a word of mouth campaign was launched. The goal of the campaign was to gain as much reach as possible, which meant sending ‘starter kits’ to DIYers to trial and feedback on. The starter kits contained Bondex paints, waxes, brushes, wooden boxes, stencils, can openers, a muddler and cloths.

Our chosen testers spread the word of the new products like wild fire involving their friends and families in their decorating projects. This grassroots strategy allowed for a sturdy base for the marketing of these great new products and was just what the brand needed to really make a splash in the market.