Published: September 05, 2018
Published: September 05, 2018

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Historic Danish Brand Gets Brand New Look

The GORI® paint brand by PPG received a design makeover making it easier for customers to navigate between the different products and choose the one that’s right for them!

Always Working with Our Consumers

In 2018, the entire Gori retail range relaunched with new names and designs. The re-branding was based on high quality consumer insight to help create a better consumer experience. We focused on the consumer journey and we wanted to make the product selection process easier. With the new designs, 83% of people could easily choose the right product.

The Neurovision test was carried out first, it measures direct and unconscious emotional responses to images. It allowed us to gain deep emotional responses from participants on new brand images compared to existing products. The Areas of Interest that were also tested to understand how consumers respond to specific parts and elements of the design included: Lit, Brand, Type of WP, Drawings, Technology icons, Category, Base, Pictograms, Durability, Color labels and PPG logo.

From the tests, it was clear that product type and durability were key things customers looked for. Our team then supported the relaunch with an exciting 360° marketing campaign, telling the story of Gori products and its long Danish heritage in TV commercial, digital banners, and POS materials.

The Woodcare Experts

The premium quality woodcare brand was voted by Danes as the safest wood choice product. The Gori brand was established in Denmark, in 1902. Even after 100 years, it still continues to stand for the know-how in wood protection and refinement. The specialized product range offers protective and decorative wood coatings for painting. Gori products provide optimal care, protection and value retention for every type of wood in all areas of application.