Published: September 14, 2018
Published: September 14, 2018

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Innovation Experts Shine at First Summit

We recently launched the first series of PPG Coatings Innovation Summits as part of our sponsorship of the Omega European Masters.

As part of our sponsorship, we took the opportunity to invite more than 160 customers from across the region to our inaugural summit which showcased some of our most cutting edge technologies.

The Summit

The event was split into four sections where teams of experts were on hand to explain the science behind, but also the applications of our coatings, both generically and within their businesses!

Sections included:

  • Natural Environment - where customers learned how our sustainable products and processes help to protect the planet and reduce emissions. Innovations showcased, amongst others were the PPG B1:B2™Compact Process, PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance and PPG DESOTHANE®
  • Economic Vitality - here our experts discussed how our advanced coatings technologies help towards the operational side of our customers’ businesses. Technologies included PPG VELVECRON®, PPG novelty finishes and PPG TESLIN®
  • Healthy Communities - our collection of products that help to reduce risk and make our communities safer. Various coatings were showcased here including Bondex Smart Paint, PPG STEELGUARD™ and SEIGNEURIE® AERO™
  • Partners for the Future - the final section was to highlight how our technologies, processes and ethos of the company in general all support the ongoing relationships we’re aiming to build with our customers.

The Stars of the Show

Our main aim was to take the opportunity to really engage with clients and customers and we did this through a live demo environment. What really made the format come to life though, was the passion and dedication shown by every member of the expert team.

Guests were genuinely wowed by the depth of knowledge and pride shown by the R&D and product specialists and gave great feedback on just how much they had learned in the two hour session. Customers were treated to hands-on demonstrations that not only highlighted the applications of the products in their own industries but gave them a unique insight into the full offering from PPG.