Published: September 12, 2018
Published: September 12, 2018

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Our Coolest Innovation Yet

We’re keeping buildings cooler and costs down with our PPG DURANAR® ULTRA-COOL® coil coatings range. Introduced in 2001 as the metal building industry’s first cool coating, Ultra-cool is the latest in our leading line-up of technologies, our paints can even change color based on the outside temperature!

Why so Hot?

Ever heard of the “Urban Heat Island” effect? Most people haven’t but it’s the reason metal buildings get so hot. The phenomenon is caused by urban growth and all the heat absorbing roofs in built up areas. More heat means more air conditioning, and what does more air conditioning mean? You guess it, greater energy consumption and more energy-related pollution.

Let’s Cool it Down

Ultra-Cool coatings represent an important breakthrough in metal coatings because they help customers meet regulatory and environmental requirements. We also need to think about beautification which means our cool products also come in a full palette of colors that fulfill architect and designer’s needs. The PPG DuranarUltra-Cool coil coatings system offers more heat reflectivity than virtually any other roofing material available, allowing customers to make significant energy savings while also having the choice of different colors.

PPG is a pioneer in the cool coatings industry, let’s take a closer look at the products in the Ultra-Cool range:


The real key to this innovative coating system is its solar reflectivity. With more than 25 years of PPGDuranar coil coatings field use, combined with chemistry that improves the IR reflectivity, companies can see significant energy savings with no compromise on color. The palette ranges from bold and bright to deep and dark. Not only that, the coatings demonstrate exceptional color stability, they’re fire and chalk resistant, and are super durable.


The Ultra-Cool silicone-polyester coatings provides excellent resistance to environmental stress including acid rain and ultraviolet light and has been made especially for harsh environments. This could range from an arid desert to a freezing icefield! From a commercial point of view, choice is king and we have our customers covered, offering a range of gloss options ideal for industrial, agricultural and residential metal building applications.


Imagine a roof or wall panel, then imagine its color subtly shifting from warm terra cotta to rich copper brown and finally to vivid green right in front of your eyes! That’s PPG Duranar Vari-Cool coil coatings in action. This groundbreaking polychromatic coating from PPG delivers a palette of vibrant color while offering superior protection. This product gives designers a unique look and provides great building protection that last into the future.