Published: September 19, 2018
Published: September 19, 2018

Our Innovation Protects Ships in Icey Waters

We’re providing ultimate protection for big sea vessels in extremely cold conditions with our PPG SIGMASHIELDTM 1200. Ice is one of the main hazards for a ship’s hull outer shell coating, but our product has maximum abrasion resistance and damage propagation control. It is saving ships from very dangerous situations!

The coating combines a top of the range phenolic epoxy with carefully selected pigments to provide excellent performance in icy waters. It has already seen more than a decade of service on ships operating in icy areas, including the Baltic Sea and St Lawrence Seaway.

The Ultimate Cost Saver

The PPG Sigmashield range’s advanced technology delivers enhanced mechanical impact and abrasion resistance. The coating provides a smooth, glossy hull, allowing a ship to cut through water more efficiently. Thanks to this innovative coating, vessels can now operate with less frictional resistance, reducing fuel and engine load, which will reduce your overall costs. It also lowers CO2 emission reducing our clients’ carbon footprint.

PG Sigmashield coatings represent an important breakthrough in marine coatings because they help customers with minimizing damage, maintaining vessel safety and reducing subsequent repair cost.

Our vessels face severe ice-going scenarios and need the most effective protection for their hulls. Once we carefully assessed PPG Sigmashield coating and its use in similar situations, we were convinced that it would give our vessels the best protection. Additionally, its single layer application with standard equipment saved a great deal of time during the dry dock stage.
Technical Management of Caspian Offshore Construction LLP

Providing Effective Protection

PPG Sigmashield1200 coatings can be applied by cold, single-feed airless spray equipment, as opposed to the hot, twin-feed system specified and used by the competitor. This really does help customers to lower their maintenance schedules and costs.