Published: March 01, 2018
Published: March 01, 2018

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Polish Sites Launch New Innovative Paint

Bondex launches its new product, a high-quality stain resistant paint with an innovative hybrid 4in1 formula. This Smart Paint is five times more resistant to washing than standard paints.

Over the last three years, Bondex observed a growing consumer interest in better quality RMC (Repellant, Matt Finish, Ceramic) wall paints, especially stain resistant ones. Bondex Smart Paint, brings together the existing technologies of their competitors, from stain resistance to water repellency and combines them with new benefits of its own.

4 great qualities of Bondex Smart Paint

The product has four key properties which make it stain resistant:

  • Ceramic- durable and resistant coating prevents absorption of stains and dirt, and their removal is extremely easy.
  • Hydrophobic- repels liquid dirt preventing the formation of stains.
  • Prevents dust from settling - the formula does not contain substances that attract dust, minimizing the adhesion of dirt from the air to the painted surface
  • Excellent application - high opacity, does not splash while painting.

Customers tested new product

PPG entered the premium RMC product into the wall paints segment when Bondex Smart Paint launched in June 2016. The paint is produced in Poland and has been re-formulated from a previous PPG recipe from The Netherlands. Consumers have tested the concept of the new product using a special board, painted with the Smart Paint product in-store.

Customers were invited to dirty the board using everyday items from lipstick and oil to chocolate and juice. To their surprise, all the stains disappeared using only water!

Polish sites driving success

Numerous departments have contributed to the success of the Bondex Smart Paint R&D in Poland, these include the Production Team, members from Application, the Logistics & Supply teams, as well as Marketing, Sales and Purchasing. The joint effort allowed the product to be brought to the market in a very short space of time.

The paint is now stocked in Castorama, Leroy Merlin, OBI, Bricomarche and has generated €6 million in sales. In the RMC wall paints market, Smart Paint is currently leading the way with 3.6% of the market share.