Published: July 03, 2018
Published: July 03, 2018

PPG Dekoral Professional, market leader for painters & architects

PPG’s Dekoral Professional Brand is one of the current leaders in the wall paint Trade Market. These coatings were created for specialized painters and architects. The product range consists of interior wall paints, façade solutions, fillers, primers, and lacquers.

Creating Innovations

At the beginning of last year, thanks to all the hard work from our R&D team, we were able to launch a new improved quality for interior wall paints for PPG Dekoral Professional. The main improvements were in product features like hiding power and scrubbing class resistance. The second is an innovative solution for the plasters segment.

At the start of this year, we launched the External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) line, a new product called Akrys Freestyle. It’s largely used as a creative plaster to make wood or brick imitation. This product is designed for use as a renovation plaster for insulation systems; it effectively shortens and optimizes the total cost of ETICS renovations. Recently, we have also introduced two new solutions in the facade paints category. One of them is a Hybrid Paint suitable for both internal and external use. The main advantages of this product is its high flexibility, long-lasting properties and great protection against fungi and algae.

Leading the Way

The Dekoral brand was launched in 2005 and is exclusively sold by 50 PPG Captive stores called Centrum Dekoral Professional. When the product range first launched, it consisted only of interior white wall paints but over the years, we have successfully entered new product categories such as façade, ETICS, plasters and tinting system. The brand headquarters are located in Wroclaw, Poland but the products are produced in different PPG manufacturing plants around Europe.

Over the last year, our products have been used in hundreds of large and medium scale projects in Poland. Our products are present in many segments and categories, mainly in the food service industry, retail and healthcare sectors. In 2017, we sold products which allowed our customers to protect around

  • 39 MM sqm of interiors
  • 7 MM sqm of facades
  • 1 MM sqm of external thermal insulation composite systems

We also held the 7th edition of our competition called ‘Painter of the Year’ for Dekoral Professional Club members. In 2017, the competition was won by the Bilder Painting Company for their fantastic painting work done at the Second World War Museum in Gdansk, Poland.