Published: October 10, 2018
Published: October 10, 2018

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PPG’s Secure, Scientific Solution!

From the ID in your wallet to the label on your Friday evening bottle of wine, our innovative synthetic product is all around us, and its applications are almost limitless. PPG TESLIN® substrate is a durable and secure synthetic paper that has continued to assist with demanding applications since its launch in the late 1980’s.

Built-in Security Features

Over the last thirty years, PPG Teslin substrate has been used and trusted globally in more than 500 million e-Passports and over 470 million drivers licenses and national IDs. It’s also become the preferred solution for the industrial labelling of chemicals and hazardous goods. The security benefits from the use of Teslin substrate originate from a number of areas:

Cost Effective Solutions

As well as being compatible with a wide range of print technologies, PPG Teslin substrate is ideal for applications that demand high levels of processing whilst the product itself does not demand anything specific in order to work accurately. Other synthetic papers typically require special oxidizing inks and long dry times, increasing the expenses and lowering the productivity, therefore making PPG Teslin substrate more cost effective than similar products on the market. Our product also accommodates a variety of converting methods and finishing techniques for greater flexibility and creativity regarding the design process.

Simply Ingenious

The science behind PPG Teslin substrate differentiates it from every other product available. Although similar products offer comparable individual benefits, they fail to offer them all together in such a game-changing package. Due to its one-of-a-kind microporous polyolefin-silica matrix, our product harmonizes a range of performance characteristics in order to create a versatile and adaptable technology in the forms of:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • High absorption capacity and water-resistance
  • Rugged durability and protective cushioning