Published: December 14, 2023
Published: December 14, 2023

Valentina Chiappa: Transforming Body Shop Efficiency with Air-Dry Primer

Valentina Chiappa has dreamed of becoming a product manager already during her university studies. And her dream came true! Valentina has already proven her leadership and skills in various complex product launches. Her biggest challenge yet has been the recent launch of PPG DP7000 Air-Dry Primer, which involved getting several teams and departments to work together to bring the new product to the market in a very short period. Where does she find the bravery to lead such large projects? Let's discover Valentina's story!

Launch it Before You Can Say PPG!

According to Valentina, the launch of DP7000 Air-Dry Primer was the biggest and most challenging project to date that she had participated in, primarily due to its tight timeline.

"I had to ensure that every step of the process was seamlessly executed. We needed to get this product on the market in just eight months!"

Valentina emphasizes the importance of "honoring the project process," especially because launching a product like DP7000 requires teamwork.

As a product manager, I can't do everything alone. I need the support of my team and other departments.

Pulling off the launch of the primer involved a lot of leadership skills. This ensured that all colleagues from across departments were on the same page, working toward the same goal. But it wasn't just about rational leadership. "Often, the tight schedule reminded us of how important it was to be kind to each other, not only at work but also in our private lives."


The Upper Hand of DP7000 Air-Dry Primer

Valentina enthusiastically presents some of the unique benefits of DP7000: since it is based on acrylic technology, it can air dry in as little as 30 minutes at 20°C under any humidity conditions.

DP7000 is not limited by the level of humidity in a body shop. So even if the body shop doesn't have a spray booth that can control humidity levels, they can still obtain the perfect result.

The application of the primer is very fast. In fact, it is so fast that it significantly saves time and increases the productivity and profitability of body shops.

"As it reduces the time spent on a repair, you can efficiently use that saved time by doing whatever you need or by managing more repairs than before!"

Another unmatched benefit of DP7000 is its flexibility when it comes to coat thickness. It can vary anywhere between 80 and 140 microns, which, as Valentina confirms, is unique in the market.

Because the primer air dries, it is also a great energy saver. Valentina hopes that with future primers, we can take a further step toward sustainability - by creating a water-based primer, but also by lowering the volatile organic compounds (VOC) even further.

The DP7000 Air-Dry Primer is compliant with European VOC regulations. Valentina adds that this compliance extends not only to the primer itself but also to the ready-to-use mixture.

Since the launch of the primer, Valentina has already collected valuable customer feedback. Customers who had the opportunity to try out DP7000 reacted positively to its flexibility, fast and easy application, and mixing process, which is rewarding to her as the project manager and to the development team.


Undeterred and Enthusiastic

Valentina became our colleague back in November 2019 as a junior product manager. In 2021, she was promoted to her current position as a product manager EMEA in our Automotive Refinish business unit.

Valentina works with the Collision product range, overseeing the lifecycle of products from development until launch. "My job is to manage people and processes to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and with impeccable quality."

Managing complex processes like the launch of a new product involves flawless collaboration across departments such as R&D, technical training support, supply, and the communications team. As PPG is an international company, Valentina gets to work with people from different cultures, making her position very dynamic and varied.

I learn something new every day, with every project that we manage. We encounter new technologies and features and must carefully familiarize ourselves with the strategy behind each product launch. I'm pretty sure you can imagine how engaging all of this is!

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