Sigma Air Pure Improves Indoor Air Quality

Sigma Air Pure Improves Indoor Air QualitySigma Air Pure is a revolutionary bio-based product that could change the purpose of paint forever and now a PPG architectural coatings team in EMEA is getting ready to launch a next-generation of paint products that can help improve indoor air quality.

From the the moment of application, the Air Purifying Technology of Sigma Air Pure filters 70% of the harmful formaldehydes in indoor air. It is easy to use and due to the variety of renewable ingredients, it’s also 45% bio-based and the packaging is made entirely out of recycled materials.

Not many people know that the indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air because it’s difficult to see that building materials, furniture and carpets can culture harmful compounds like formaldehyde, making Sigma Air Pure a resourceful way to improve indoor air quality.

Sigma Air Pure also addresses the consequences that comes from insulation and air sealing methods used in construction. Although construction methods can improve energy efficiency, they also contribute to a build-up of formaldehyde emissions that can provoke headaches, asthma and allergies.

Curious to see how it works?

Sigma Air Pure uses a high-tech bio-based acrylic binder that contains renewable, plant-based ingredients that contribute to a safer, healthier environment. This technology demonstrates PPG’s ongoing commitment to innovations that support more sustainable solutions and help meet green building standards.”

-Alexander Blom, Manager of Product and Innovation, and Project Leader for Air Pure.

Sigma Air Pure Improves Indoor Air QualityThe PPG team in EMEA’s Benelux, DACH and Middle East sub-region worked with DSM, a global leader in science-based solutions to develop the latest version of this bio-based binder. The team brought together representatives from several PPG departments; research and development, technical product management, supply chain, marketing, and innovation.

As a part of the campaign PPG have collaborated with external endorsers to make a short movie that tells the story of an indoor climate specialist and a doctor who visited a family that had moved into their newly built house and measured the pollution in the indoor air. They then tested the Sigma Air Pure against the molecules in the air and the outcome was very promising.

See the result here: