Published: October 18, 2018
Published: October 18, 2018

A Decade of Kindness

Our colleague Arne Hauge, PPG instore consultant from Denmark, has been recognized as an Extra Mile Hero for his continuous efforts in our retail sector and the endless kindness he shows to his colleagues and our customers.

In addition, since entering his role as Instore Consultant, Arne has helped to reduce the external costs by 60%.

Great Work All Day, Every Day

Arne Hauge recently celebrated his 10th year anniversary with PPG, but his hard work continues to power on. On a day-to-day basis, Arne rebuilds and optimizes shops, arranges customer visits and organizes exhibitions and demonstrations.

But it is his personable and approachable demeanor that has given him the opportunity to work face-to-face with our customers. With Arne on board to help order goods, file products and meet buyers, the team can see how visibly thrilled customers are to have Arne as their local business partner.

A Helping Hand

Arne effortlessly reflects our values at PPG. He shows a dedication to his customers, respects his fellow employees and values and retains supply chain relationships. After a decade, Arne not only excels in his position, but takes on extra responsibility when needed – from stacking shelves to doing overtime on the weekend, he’s always on hand to help. He has even been known to bring in a refreshment or two.

Kindness Goes a Long Way

Most importantly, Arne has been a great friend to his fellow colleagues. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or holiday season, Arne will know about it to greet his colleagues with a smile. Because of his tireless work, friendliness, teamwork and respect, we are thrilled to announce Arne as our Extra Mile Hero.

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