Published: August 13, 2018
Published: August 13, 2018

'Always Be Yourself & Trust in Your Abilities'

Peter Scott received our 2018 Rainmaker Award for his expertise in fire and structural engineering. He has achieved extraordinary heights in sales numbers and streamlined processes in Protective and Marine Coatings (PMC) business.

I was delighted to be nominated for such a prestigious Rainmaker award. It really does show that hard work pays off.

PPG’s Expert Fire Man

Peter is a Business Development Manager for Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection in Dubai. His role at PPG as a Chartered Structural Engineer and Structural Fire Engineer, allows him to specialize in his area of expertise.

Peter’s outgoing personality also means he can effectively communicate with clients and other engineers alike.

Engineers are essentially problem solvers! When we calculate a solution, we feel a great sense of achievement.” Peter frequently supports his colleagues and believes we should “always be yourself, trust in our abilities and take onboard advice from colleagues!

Peter has worked with our company for 3 years, which he says: "My time herehas gone very fast, but my team have made great progress”.

He is located in the Middle East and his team have been working on hydrocarbon and cellulosic fire protection.
Making a sales is a unique feeling and is an important part of my job. It’s a result of effective coordination and hard work by my team members that have ultimately gained your trust”, said Peter.

Big Plans & Changes

He would like to grow with PPG and take on a management position within hydrocarbon and cellulosic product lines. He introduced the Structural Fire Engineering program and since then, we have become more economical for clients. We are now regarded as serious players in the market, especially in the Middle East,” said Peter.

From the beginning, Peter was passionate about improvements and decided to make positive changes and upgrades. He got involved with application software management for the PPG Pitt Char product.

Peter also helped to create a product technical guidance document, which greatly improved product support for fire protection.

I decided to look at things in manageable chunks and make small incremental but significant improvements where I could on each subject.

His first task was to look for application support, which he found by borrowing Professor Jan De Boer from PPG’s labs in the Netherlands. He then decided to make product technical notes, making over 30 records.

This allowed him to send answers to frequently asked questions to clients. As a result of all Peter’s hard work, clients can now get consistent, quick advice. Although Peter is very passionate about his work, he realizes, it is important to have a good work life balance.

"My job is very demanding, but I always try to keep fit. Sport allows me to switch off from work and relax,” he says.

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