Published: November 05, 2018
Published: November 05, 2018

'Always Strive To Do More, Put Yourself Out & Be Innovative'

Tatiana Kharitonova, PPG key account manager E-coat in Moscow, Russia, has been named as an Extra Mile hero!

After four excellent years with us at PPG, Tatiana has forged valuable relationships with customers and continues to show incredible progression in her career.


Tatiana’s knowledge of our industry is astounding. After studying Chemistry and Engineering, she began developing her long and successful career. When starting at our company four years ago, her initial role covered customer support for existing pretreatment (PT), powder and E-coat customers in Russia and Belarus.

Tatiana was a welcome and passionate addition to the team – customers were constantly impressed and happy to receive her help. This client satisfaction led to Tatiana taking on extra responsibility as a customer support representative for the powder products market.

Although it wasn’t an easy task for someone with little experience, she rose to the challenge. Her dedication to our clients reflects PPG’s core values. This led to the opportunity to develop her business knowledge in sales and key account managing.

Always aim high to ensure we demonstrate a proactive and innovative approach to work.


Earlier in the year, Tatiana built new business connections from her own initiative and forged strong relationships with new clientele. She conducted initial meetings right through to contract signing and tank filling. Tatiana has exceeded expectations, with a little bit of help from her colleagues, of course!

PPG recently employed Oleg Danilov to join Tatiana’s team. Through her vast knowledge of PPG PT, E-coat, powder technologies and the industrial market, Tatiana trained Oleg to know the ins-and-outs of the industry. We are thrilled to have Tatiana onboard.

She is a successful, hard-working and knowledgeable colleague who brings a wealth of beneficial skills to her role. Her many successes are why we are naming Tatiana as an Extra Mile hero.

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