Published: December 14, 2021
Published: December 14, 2021

Amrik: A Leader Enhancing the Positive Impact of Diversity

Having worked in finance roles for his entire career with us, Amrik Sindhar was in the perfect position to help us navigate the storm of the pandemic. He was named a 2021 PPG Rainmaker for helping to drive the transformation of the finance function. Amrik tells us what it was like growing up in a minority and how this impacts the way he lives today and wanting to make the world a better place.

Unbelievable Journey of Growth and Challenges

Based in Birstall, UK, Amrik Sindhar has held five different roles in the nine years since joining us and describes his journey as “unbelievable”. He is now our finance director for the Architectural Coatings EMEA West & Central Europe region.

I couldn’t have imagined this when I joined! It has been an incredible voyage of growth and challenges, but also regular recognition through the availability of opportunities.

Amrik tells us that working in finance allows him to have a helicopter view of the business and to be involved in strategy design, implementation and decision making.

I enjoy the dynamic of working with various colleagues across the business. I like the fast pace and hustle and bustle of activity and debates, as well as seeing the effect our decisions have.

A Rainmaker Driving the Finance Function During the Pandemic

Amrik was named a 2021 PPG Rainmaker for helping to drive the transformation of the finance function and for pioneering Global Business Finance Services (GBFS) in Architectural Coatings EMEA.

It is an extremely proud moment for me and my family – to be recognized by my peers and colleagues.

He considers it a reflection of the trust, positivity, collaboration and endless support of his team, colleagues and managers. Amrik adds that his push for these activities came from the energy of his team who had started on the path with his predecessor.

It has been a rewarding journey. I am able to shape and influence the future role of my team, the purpose they provide to the organization and how they play a significant part in the future growth of our company.

Amrik was also recognized for his outstanding contribution to the implementation of our COVID-19 playbook, which helped generate large savings and protect cash during the pandemic.

When governments all over Europe were imposing nationwide lockdowns, it was imperative we understood what it meant to our people, customers and business.

We had to look at the depth, length and shape of the disruption and develop an oven-ready plan as things evolved.

Amrik’s Genuine Sense of Responsibility

As a relatively young leader, Amrik feels a genuine sense of responsibility to share his knowhow and experience. He is compelled to spread the message about the positive impact of diversity. His position as the chair for the EMEA Asian Employee Network (AEN) also helps him achieve this.

If I can help one person better themselves through a mistake I have made or lesson I’ve learned, it is one person in a better place than I was growing up. The Young Professional Network (YPN), which I’m a proud member of, is the perfect platform for this.

Amrik’s passion for diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) comes from his own battles with discrimination. He found it hard growing up as a “turban-wearing Sikh boy”.

I have been on the wrong side of judgements and I want to improve the world for the better. I do not want my child to suffer even 1% of what I went through.

Working Hard, Playing Hard

Amrik is a proud Sikh and participates in community initiatives through the Sikh Temple. He also sometimes gives career talks at local educational establishments, such as schools, and has been requested to do talks at universities.

He lives his life without regrets, rather seeing everything that happens to him as part of his journey. While he believes that the harder you work, the luckier you get, he also says it is important to ensure your social calendar is just as full, fulfilling the motto, work hard and play hard.

It is important to evolve during this journey and remain open minded to changes and opportunities. Especially in your career.

Amrik’s main source of motivation is the example he wishes to set for his five-year-old son and soon-to-arrive baby.

I want them to grow up in an environment where they realize that being a good, genuine, honest and hard-working person pays dividends in the life you live, and the morals and ethics you carry.

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