Published: June 23, 2017
Published: June 23, 2017

Anchors Aweigh! - Customer Care Is the Wind in My Sails

Going the Extra Mile means going above and beyond the call of duty to make our customers and clients happy and no one does this better than Senior FTS Representative and Greece PMC Technical Services, Periklis Labrinides.

Periklis has been with PPG for a massive 25 years and works out of PPG Hellas. Since his beginnings with the company in July 1993, Periklis has worked his way to becoming the Technical Representative for PPG Greece, a vital role as he looks after the technical aspect of marine coatings.

As part of Periklis' role in Field Technical Services he monitors all projects and uses his skills and experience to work proactively in order to achieve the best possible result both for PPG and the customer. Being available 24/7/365, Periklis travels abroad a lot and sometimes at extremely short notice. Some breathtaking stats on his travels include:

  • He attended the sites of more than 40 vessels outside Greece, mostly in Asia, in the last 3 years

  • He attended 45 projects within the last year

Periklis also received recognition for excellent performance and assistance on some extremely difficult projects and was awarded the Global FTS prize in 2014. Not only does Periklis stand as an example of commendable, continuous support and service to his customers, he also ensures proper procedures and standards are being upheld, providing excellent results and also safeguarding the interests of both the customers and PPG.

Periklis' warmth and honesty means he has a talent for creating strong bonds with customer representatives, some customers even insisted that he look after their project and attend vessel visits because of his stellar reputation. Through the level of trust garnered with clients, Periklis succeeded in increasing order volumes by at least 15% on every project he attended in the past year. Finally a quote from the man himself on his role and the enjoyment he takes in doing his job:

Being in the field, there’s always an interesting story to tell, sometimes funny things happen as well. Every project is a different case and an opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and enrich my experience. This is the most important element that I really enjoy in my job.

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