Published: August 10, 2017
Published: August 10, 2017

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Antwerp's Architectural Coatings Ace

Jorg Vervloesem, the Regional Manager at Antwerp has been working with PPG for over 18 years. Jorg inherently reflects the PPG brand values and does so by his belief in the people around him.

He believes that to achieve our goals as a company, we need the best people for the job and that success is born out of synergy and teamwork. We reported on an amazing story where Jorg was instrumental in the precipitous and rapid growth of PPG's Architectural Coatings offering in his region of Antwerp.

Jorg orchestrated the shift from a three step relationship from manufacturer to wholesaler to consumer by cutting out the middle man. The relationship now runs straight from the manufacturer to professional painters handymen.

He proved, along with the rest of the team, that growth is in our nature and when challenged, we push the boundaries even harder. Through his shrewd business acumen and an acute knowledge of not only our own business and products but also the market he operates in he was able to head up and execute a winning strategy.

The situation in Antwerp made a big impact on the whole of the AC BE organisation, not to mention a huge energy boost for the whole team. The staff from every department pulled together and gave the problem their all and this is a testament to Jorg's leadership skills and perseverance.

Seeing how everybody in each of the departments gave the best of him/her to put the plan on the rails gave myself a warm feeling.
Marc Vansteelant, sales director AC Belgium

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