Published: February 06, 2019
Published: February 06, 2019

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At PPG, 'The Best Days Are Ahead!'

Alina Selivanova, PPG senior legal counsel at EMEA Law Department, was named a Rainmaker 2018 for the instrumental role she played in the construction of the newly-commissioned Lipetsk plant in Russia.

In response to receiving the award, Alina says she’s incredibly proud and thrilled to be recognized for her contribution in this challenging project! Despite the daily challenges she may face in her role, her attitude is always optimistic and inspiring.

The best days are always ahead of us!

Every Day Is Different

When Alina joined our team 7 years ago, she noticed that every day at PPG was different and came with different challenges. As the Senior Legal Counsel, Alina oversees our Automotive Refinish business unit and cross-business operations in Russia.

At the same time, she leads a team of lawyers in support of our Automotive business, commercial matters and data privacy topics. On a day-to-day basis, she has heaps to manage, and many personal challenges to overcome!

As part of an incredible legal team, Alina knew she could turn to her inspiring colleagues to help her power through any challenges that faced her. She saw how individual abilities could be put together to solve a problem. However, she also used her creativity to come up with a personal solution.

Have Fun and Use Curiosity to Avoid Stress

To work well in this fast-moving, exciting environment, Alina had to teach herself to keep her curiosity piqued and get to work. But, given the opportunity to speak to her younger self, she would to remind herself to play-hard as much as she worked-hard!

In the present-day, Alina knows how to utilize happiness and positivity to handle difficult, busy periods. It’s not just a good sense of humor that gets her through, though – Alina adores her family and appreciates their unconditional support.

When things look difficult, I try to dismantle the complexity of the situation I’m facing and utilize my sense of humor to give me enough distance from a situation to see it clearly!

Positive Work

As a charitable person outside of work, Alina is happy that that PPG is such a community-oriented company. Though the vast majority of her projects are of private nature, one of the most personally rewarding charity projects for Alina was taking part in the Colorful Community activities in Rolle.

It’s incredibly rewarding, Alina says, to be part of a successful company that offers a helping hand to the communities around it. It’s this collective positivity and shared kindness encouraged by PPG that has helped Alina to be excited about new opportunities and success in the future.

I’m curious to see wherever my career with PPG takes me. I’m privileged to work here.

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