Published: March 24, 2017
Published: March 24, 2017

Back to School for Tomasz!

Ostrów BPI & Quality Manager, Tomasz Winiarz swapped his normal work environment for something a little more academic as he participated in his children's 'Parent in Kindergarten' program.

Today's lesson? An introduction to PPG!

Along with other parents, whose jobs varied from English teacher to dentist and waitress to car dealer, Tomasz came prepared with a presentation to wow the minds of tomorrow. First on the agenda was the protective Marine Coatings video which informed the class what the PPG coatings are used for:

The children were suitably impressed and after the video the inquisitive tykes were naturally full of questions for Tomasz: How big?! How fast?! How long?!

The session continued with a talk about safety and the importance of PPE items such as coats, shoes and safety goggles. He then moved on the the topic of PPG production, and finally products that are applied to all things made from steel.

It seemed that we had some marine and renewable energy fans in class as they found PPG's work on ships and wind turbines the most interesting!

To really pique their interest Tomasz stepped it up a level with his story on the Pioneering Spirit, the largest construction vessel ever built and did not forget to mention that its iconic green deck was covered by PPG.

Next the fun really began when Tomasz taught the class how to make their own ships out of paper.

Every child made their own bespoke design for their ship which made a very unique and very colourful fleet, ready to set sale across the classroom. We're always excited to hear what the PPG EMEA family gets up to outside of work and how you're embodying the PPG spirit in your local communities and beyond. If you have a story for the One of Us section, make sure you send it in here. We'd love to hear it!    

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