Published: February 28, 2019
Published: February 28, 2019

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'Be bolder earlier and don’t be afraid to take chances!'

Tim Knavish, newly appointed senior vice president, Architectural Coatings and president of PPG EMEA, works in a unique way. He is working hard to implement positivity, celebration of success and results within our worldwide teams.

Taken from his career beginnings in Pittsburgh, USA and his upcoming role, Tim has one piece of advice: be bolder earlier and don’t be afraid to take chances.

Pittsburgh Roots

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area in the United States of America, Tim worked hard and aspired for greatness. He pursued a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh while also becoming familiar with PPG.

Our company’s roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and opening job opportunities were a lucky coincidence that allowed him to remain close to Lisa—his girlfriend at the time and now his wife of 30 years. What was at first a job became a dedication to our company. We are proud to say that Tim has been part of the PPG team for over 30 years!

Tim looks back on his early career with PPG with proud reflection. He quickly earned the opportunity to develop his skills, work alongside senior associates and conceive transformational ideas that would help the company succeed. In the early days, his youth made him cautious to share bold, aggressive ideas until his confidence grew.

Though his self-assured nature would eventually become part of his DNA, he says it’s sometimes difficult during those early, junior days. Reflectively, Tim suggests his younger self should have taken more chances and encourages others to do the same.

Be bolder earlier. Don’t be afraid to take chances!

Winning Is Cool When It’s Collaborative

Tim is humbled by his successes with PPG and credits success to his team.

I draw motivation from the people around me. I like to win as a team, not an individual. Winning is really cool when it’s collaborative.

In his newly appointed role, he will now oversee the EMEA region. He most looks forward to learning new things within a variety of EMEA-based teams.

If you look back at my career, I’ve changed jobs and functions many times because I enjoy steep learning curves. The chance to meet and work with new people is an incredible motivator, too.

Driving the Change Through Diversity

Tim understands he’ll be faced with an incredible challenge in his new role. “There’ll be no shortage of challenges,” he says, “because each area is different in the EMEA region.” As he highlights the various challenges and opportunities across many sectors, Tim reiterates the importance of getting to know teams across different cultures.

I want to learn even more about the business, people, cultures, customers and challenges that encompass the EMEA region. I want to energize the organization and its teams to accelerate our growth and wins.

Encouraging Positivity at Home and Work

Whether it’s facing new challenges or keeping a balanced work-life structure, Tim uses positivity as his driving force. Within work, he hopes to deliver results for PPG by encouraging a positive, high-energy environment to promote fast success. At home, Tim mirrors this energy by spending his spare time running, golfing, working out with his wife and spending time with his daughters.

I am not an expert at work-life balance, but I try to be positive, energized and dedicated to PPG while devoting the same to family. I schedule important home-life events in my calendar the same way I would an important work meeting.

PPG Proud

Tim is excited to begin his new role because of the pride he has for our company, colleagues, the work we do and positive changes we try to make within our communities.

I am PPG Proud because of the values, dedication and capabilities of our people around the world, throughout every function and every country. I’m filled with even more pride when I see the great volunteerism from the PPG community, whether it’s in a COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ projectPPG’s community engagement grant making program or Charity Partner program.

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