Published: July 19, 2018
Published: July 19, 2018

'Be Patient! Everything Happens at the Right Time!'

Meet Tamlyn Robberts, the Regional Manager for Refinish, South Africa. She received the Rainmaker Award for her continuous commitment to service excellence.

The award came as a bit of a shock, but I was very grateful.
This attentive service helped increase sales in the Collision and Light Industrial Coatings segments in South Africa. 

Career Journey

Tamlyn has been working at PPG for the past five years. Her career path began at a small local paint manufacturer in Cape Town and she’s been working in coatings sales for the past 24 years.

In her current role as Refinish Regional Manager, Tamlyn is in charge of the whole area of Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Namibia region. She considers her job to be interesting and challenging at the same time. However, she always finds great support within her team.

We are like family and I am so proud to be working alongside such passionate and motivated colleagues. 

Spray Painters Club Created A Mobile App!

Three years ago, Tamlyn initiated a Spray Painters Club in one of the monthly meetings. She had the idea that although PPG deals closely with distribution, our company needed to grow its brand awareness and develop closer relationships at ground level.

As a team, they then implemented the club. Jay de Wet, Marketing Manager Refinish, developed a marketing strategy and partnered with an equipment company, so they were able to roll this out. Over the three years it has been running, they have built up over 70 members in each region.

The club has exposed PPG to new products and new initiatives, and spray painters can now share information on colors and techniques.

The response has been enormous! The club now has its own mobile group and nothing like this is being done elsewhere.

Personal Motivations

She enjoys the idea of winning customers and strategizing new deals. Her husband is her main motivator and just like Tamlyn, he thrives on new business and challenges.

Employing the correct team in her region and motivating the current staff especially within sales and delivery is key.Tamlyn explains one of her biggest challenges of her career.

Sales will always be a challenging environment. Coming from a corporate background and entering PPG a few years ago, the challenge was creating brand awareness and exposure.


In her free time, Tamlyn enjoys relaxing with delicious wine and food. She is a born and bred Capetonian which means she has been brought up in a world-class wine region and has always been spoilt for choice by Cape Town’s finest food and wines!

We have the longest wine route in the world. So, wine and food are definitely my hobby!  After a challenging day, there’s no better way to relax.

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