Published: June 12, 2018
Published: June 12, 2018

'Be Persistent and Curious'

Julien Van de Ginste won the prestigious Rainmaker title for his fantastic leadership skills in Marly and for growing new business. He also made significant contributions to the development of a new Compact Paint Process for a major Automotive customer.

Being nominated as a 2018 Rainmaker is a big honor and it recognizes all the hard work made by the team.

Automotive Extraordinaire

Julien is a Team Leader at the Automotive OEM Coatings in France. He has worked at PPG for 13 years now and is in charge of the Decorative Coatings laboratory in Marly, where he is leading the color group for our automotive clients.

He’s also the team leader in charge of the testing and development of the latest generation materials for Automotive customers.

Facing Challenges

What Julien finds interesting about his role is, the diversity and complexity of the different topics and facing challenging deadlines.

The motivation in my job comes from answering challenges with reactivity and efficiency.

 Julien and his team were recently highly motivated when working on a recent new paint shop launch for a major customer, "We had to approve all the new products within a very short deadline”, said Julien. The team worked very hard and used their expertise to deliver a challenging task

Helping the Public

Julien enjoys giving back to society and regularly donates blood! He is heavily involved in Marly’s Colorful Communities projects. He relishes these activities because they enable him to make new connections with people. He loves Learning from people with various cultures and skills.

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