Published: May 03, 2022
Published: May 03, 2022

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Behind the Paints with Josué and Eduardo Evaristo dos Santos

Josué and Eduardo Evaristo dos Santos are brothers and frontline operators at our plant in Sumaré, Brazil. The site produces paint for the Automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Industrial, Automotive Refinish, Protective and Marine Coatings, and Packaging Coatings business units.

Josué, a manufacturing operator, has been with the company for 15 years, and Eduardo, a logistics operator, has been with us for 8 years. The brothers are well-known among the approximately 500 employees at the plant. Their trademark starts with their contagious charisma and wide networking.

They are always having a good time, and wherever they go, they convey joy and simplicity. Very united, they are often seen in both the manufacturing lines and visiting with directors for check-ins.
Raquel Klemz, communications leader, Latin America South

Among the characteristics that make them stand out at work, according to managers, is protagonism, the ability to take the lead in relevant internal initiatives, such as the High-Performance Teams program (TAD), in which both are facilitators. The program was launched in Brazil in 2020 to train employees in the manufacturing area to perform their tasks with more independence and leadership.

Eduardo took the lead and engaged the team. They were the first to present at the TAD championship, and his dedication raised the level of the project. They don't just excel in special projects, but also in their day-to-day work.
Rafael Valine, logistics supervisor and Eduardo's leader
Josué is that person you certainly think about calling when you have a difficult situation, because you know he will do his best to solve it. His relationship skills are impressive.
Wagner Brunca, manufacturing supervisor and Josué's leader

And it's not just within PPG that the brothers engage. They are very active in their community and use their extensive networking to promote good. With the support of the community and our employees, they have organized food collections that helped them fill and distribute food baskets for more than 40 local families. In addition, they are regular visitors to area nursing homes, deliver traditional panettone Christmas cakes to the community, and have organized many fundraisers for those in need. They and their families are also active volunteers with PPG’s COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® initiative, having participated in every project near the Sumaré plant.

Technical performance is very important, but behavior and relationship skills are essential for a healthy and welcoming work environment. Josué and Eduardo are examples of people who make an extremely positive difference in the work environment.
Vitor Santos, operations director, LAS, and plant manager, Sumaré

When asked what they most enjoy working at PPG, the brothers responded with:

We truly enjoy working at PPG. We have the freedom to be who we are, create genuine relationships and always work with love.

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