Published: June 16, 2022
Published: June 16, 2022

Mike Branham: Promoting Tolerance, Acceptance

A few years ago, Mike Branham, an account development manager for our Architectural Coatings (AC) business in Houston, Texas, was working behind the counter at an office supply store when he met Scott. Scott Oates, regional manager for stores and The Home Depot, had seen Mike’s sales and customer service skills in action, and knew he would be a great addition to our management team. He was right.

“Later on, Scott told me that my willingness to ask questions and take a little extra time to see the job through really made an impression. That’s just my style. I like to keep an open mind and talk to people to get a feel for what they need.”

Mike’s style has served him well professionally, helping to propel him in just six years from an assistant manager at a smaller PPG store in downtown Houston to manager of our largest store in the Houston area - and one of the top volume stores in the United States. It’s also served him well personally, where he uses his experiences as a gay Black man in an interracial marriage to educate others about tolerance and acceptance.

Whether it’s at work or in my community, I enjoy coaching, developing and training people. Like my father before me, I want to share knowledge and help people grow.

Mike’s commitment to meeting customer needs and helping others reach their potential doesn’t go unnoticed. Recently, a former employee interviewing for a store management position credited Mike for inspiring him to strengthen his skills and apply for the job.

“He told the interviewer I was his role model. I never expected that. It stopped me in my tracks. It means something to help someone find their motivation and guide them where they want to go.” The young man got the job.

After working a series of retail jobs throughout his early adulthood, Mike feels at home and valued at our company.

It’s always a fun ride. There’s a lot of diversity and support. I’m all about building, maintaining and growing relationships. In my time with PPG, I’d say we are, too.

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