Published: June 21, 2019
Published: June 21, 2019

Building a Career as a Female Engineer for 25 years

The 23rd of June is International Women in Engineering day – a time where  we unite to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus on the career opportunities available to the next generation.

To mark the occasion, we would like to introduce Nuria Martínez Berenguer, PPG plant manager, Valencia, Spain. Since joining PPG in 1993 as a student intern, she has held several roles.


From team supervisor, paste production manager, supply chain manager, to Resin & Paste production manager, up until recently when she was promoted to plant manager at our Valencia site in April. Nuria is an outstanding female role model and an integral part of our team.

Women are Worth It

As our first ever female supervisor, Nuria knows that women have a place at PPG and works tirelessly to ensure that we continue to be accepting and open to female talent.

Today we have access to some incredibly astute female minds, which we cannot afford to overlook.

As a female member of staff, Nuria has always received good support from both employees and management and emphasizes how PPG has never once limited her professional career.

Transforming the Working Environment

The most challenging point in Nuria’s career has been the transformation of the Paste Workshop. When she arrived, it had a reputation for being the worst area to work inside the factory.

She, with a highly motivated team, transformed the workshop into the area of great productivity by identifying that pride of ownership increases commitment.

Looking back on my career at PPG makes me extremely proud! One of my finest moments has been creating an independent Lean Manufacturing Cell to increase productivity.

Working with PPG to develop and expand her skillset has seen Nuria grow not only her knowledge and expertise in engineering, but also her personal life outside of work. As plant manager, she is able to adapt her professional schedule to meet the needs of her family and get involved with leisure activities.

Working at PPG allows us to see every day new opportunities that arise for women to unite and make a positive difference around the world.

Getting Colleagues Engaged Outside of Work

Outside of work, Nuria and her colleagues engage in sport through the running club at our Valencia site. The initiative is a popular way to bring women and men together and increase their familiarity with one another outside the workplace.

The club sees PPG men and women throughout our Valencia site run official races in support of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Employees of the Valencia Plant sponsor the team at a rate of €0.2 per kilometer – a total of 907.5 kilometers has been run so far, raising €743.


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