Published: December 19, 2019
Published: December 19, 2019

Career Stories - Olivier Magnin

In another episode of Career Stories, we caught up with Olivier Magnin at the second PPG Innovation Summit where he was representing our sustainable innovations. Olivier, who is the technical director of Industrial Coatings for EMEA, shares some fascinating insights that led him to help with driving the ‘One PPG’ strategy.

Olivier’s international career path began 24 years ago, where he was fortunate to experience working in China. He overcame any pre-conceived cultural barriers, managing to translate western corporate strategy to make it mutually understandable.

Developing New Products That Fit Customers’ Needs

In his current role, Olivier feels lucky to work with a team who sits in very diverse countries. Having a truly global overview matches the width of the technology spectrum he and his team cover. By placing his role at the heart of innovation, he can see products moving from our labs to the market place, always matching those new products to customer requirements, creating Paints With Purpose.


Olivier’s fascination comes from innovations that drive global mega trends such as the future of mobility. His desire is to create products that help partners win deals based on our differentiated offering that transforms and improves the market. That is definitely something that comes from his talent to transform other’s feedback into progress.

To find out more about useful career skill tips he has to share, watch Olivier’s video!

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