Published: July 12, 2018
Published: July 12, 2018

Cristiana: Balancing Motherhood with a Remarkable Career

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been celebrating some of the incredible women working here at PPG. Our female colleagues from the Italian Envirobase team shared their experiences from both their professional and personal lives. Here is another inspiring story from Cristiana Robecchi, who explains what it’s like coordinating a career with motherhood.

Where did you hear about PPG?

Before joining PPG, I worked for a pharmaceutical company in Sesto San Giovanni, and then as process technologist for BASF Coating Italy. When I was conducting research for the development of technology in the marine division, I kept hearing about PPG as a market leader in the paints segment. The company immediately fascinated me. When I was later contacted by a recruitment agency I decided to apply for the position.

How do you think you have contributed added value to the Envirobase platform?

I always encourage people to cooperate and work together, which has promoted results within the team and not only for the individual. Relationships with colleagues at the Color Laboratory and R&D center are firm and productive, and this is of the utmost importance.

What do you think of your leadership style?

I currently manage a team of 11 people, at just 28 years old. It wasn’t easy. I learned by observing how my managers handled various situations and faced challenges. Over the years, I gained confidence and credibility. I attempted to change my way of communicating by using diplomacy and informed interaction. I convey messages by handling conflict with a positive, familiar approach towards my team, also with a certain degree of authority.

How important is it for you to balance both professional and personal life?

Motherhood was an important phase. It made me change, grow up and understand the needs of others, something I had not considered much before. I thought that long working hours should be a priority, but during the early years of my career at PPG, I had neither bonds nor family commitments. Now I have Alessio, who is 2 years old, and it is harder to manage family commitments.  

How do you relax during your leisure time?

I participate in many sports. Since Alessio’s birth my husband and I had to adjust our needs, but I still have a deep passion for hiking in the mountains. Whenever we can, we flee the city and seek contact with nature to de-stress. Embroidery is another hobby I love. It allows me to concentrate without thinking of anything else.
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