Published: January 28, 2019
Published: January 28, 2019

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‘Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances!’

We’re thrilled to announce Susan Clarkson, PPG finance transformation director EMEA, as one of our 2018 Rainmakers. Susan has received the award for her positive impact in finance, ability to drive growth and dedication to employee engagement.

Moreover, she provides unbreakable support for diversity through the Women Leadership Council (WLC) and Young Professional Organization (YPO). We’re honored to award Susan because she represents courage and determination in the face of challenge.

Becoming a Rainmaker was the best thing that has happened to me in PPG. It is an ultimate honor to be recognized for the things I am passionate about: employee engagement and people development.

Inspiring Young Talents

Susan has generated a lot of change at PPG. She found employment with PPG in 2001—almost eighteen years ago—and has held eight jobs and had 13 managers. Because Susan wanted to do more with her role, she began to generate change within her department. In 2013, Susan set up the Finance Development Committee to encourage success and generate skills within our finance departments.

Together with her colleagues, she designed the Finance Development Network (FDN) program for budding talents to propel their careers forward. The committee have since trained 50 people and over 90% of these talents have obtained new job offers or promotions. A new and exciting edition of the program kicks-off again this year with 12 new candidates.

Don’t be afraid to take chances.
Recently, Susan was instrumental in launching a Finance Symposium. Working together with a team of FDN alumni, the team gathered 90 finance associates to network, listen to inspirational talks and join workshops, which drove interaction across the finance community which is a key leadership pledge as part of the function Your Say action plan.

Taking Charge of Your Own Career

Susan credits her success to taking charge of her career. Leave your comfort zone, manage your career development, network and take a chance to meet new people, she says. Because we are all able to achieve great things from there. Susan also suggests it is important to remain reflective when building a career.

Take time to really think about what you want out of life. Find the best way to achieve it.

Actively Supporting Diversity

Additionally, one of Susan’s key goals within the company for 2019 is to continue to support and drive forward the success of our diversity initiatives. She continues to be a key speaker at our WLC and YPO events, bringing light to important topics focusing on gender diversity.

I‘ve been given some great opportunities in our fantastic company. I want to use this to help other people of all genders and ages achieve their career goals, too.

Find out more about Susan in her career story video here.

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