Published: January 09, 2019
Published: January 09, 2019

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Female Colleagues in Turkey Joined Mentoring Program

Our teams in the Turkey region are joining an exciting mentoring program for women who want to push their careers forward.

After noticing that many of the women on their staff were eager to increase their skillsets, PPG Turkey sought to join an exciting mentoring initiative. Working Out Loud (WOL) is an international movement that will help PPG to further the success of its diverse staff.

Our colleagues over at PPG Turkey set up a webinar with WOL four months ago and they invited the entire female staff to have their say. Around 60% of the women were interested in getting the project going!

The team was thrilled to know they’d be able to help each other propel their careers forward by taking part in the mentoring and social learning. Employees in Turkey created five circles – with no attention paid to their title, seniority or age – where they could learn together. The process is entirely free and voluntary, so it’s up to the participants to keep on top of their learning and boost their independence!

Exciting Online Coaching!

WOL provides learning opportunities to the both male and female colleagues via online peer coaching and support, though the offering is also available face-to-face. By connecting a number of locations, departments and functions, the program allows all from different backgrounds to share ideas.

Through a 12-week period, a number of intriguing topics will be covered necessary for developing digital and internet-based skills. This includes time management, facilitation, online networking and communication and understanding the digital mindset.

Success and Support

Two months ago, the initiative was introduced to the employees working in our PPG Turkey sites. The female colleagues were thrilled to discover the WOL method encourages them to work at their own pace.

This allows success with personally-set individual goals and the support of the other trainees. So far, we’ve seen our staff achieve a progress towards their personal goals, including the development of digital and communication skills. Hopefully, the initiative will prove so successful and popular that we can get this to all our sites in the EMEA region!

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