Published: November 25, 2020
Published: November 25, 2020

‘Always Focus on the Output, That Is What Really Counts’

Clementine Mathieu, PPG product manager, Protective & Marine Coatings (PMC), was thrilled to be named a 2020 Rainmaker for EMEA for her commitment to The PPG Way values. But as she confides, welcoming her daughter to the world is definitely the highlight of her 2020!  

To help her to balance personal and professional commitments, Clementine is happy to be debuting a ‘non-traditional flexible work arrangement’ that is still driving growth for her company.

 ’A Product Manager Should Have Good Data and a Clear “Helicopter View”’

Clementine joined us as an intern in 2011, working on antifouling coatings in the Research & Development (R&D) department in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2016, she became our product manager for PMC EMEA.

There is always something new happening and something new to learn.

She enjoys being in contact with so many different departments, working in an international environment, brainstorming, learning new things, seeing progress and improvements, and striking things off her list.

Even though my job title hasn’t changed in four years, my role changes year after year, thanks to a dynamic work environment.

Clementine believes that a product manager should have good data and a clear “helicopter view”. She says you should never lose sight of the fact that an action you take can have an effect elsewhere in the organization, so you should make sure you always involve all key players: “I try to think wider. To make sure everything has been considered and that everyone who should be involved is involved.”

Looking Beyond Your Horizons

Clementine was also an active member of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) from its inauguration in 2014 until 2018, where she relished the opportunity of connecting with people from other business units. YPN provides members with a wide range of opportunities for expanding their networking, professional and personal development.

It was great to do something completely different, like organizing events and personal development training sessions. It always gave me a lot of energy.

In fact, she’s a firm believer in doing what you love and what gives you energy.

All the steps I have taken or projects I have worked on have brought me to where I am today. And I am happy about that.

 Always Happy to Step In and Help

Earlier this year, Clementine was honored to be named one of the EMEA 2020 Rainmakers – colleagues whose effort and commitment within various fields help us advance PPG’s strategy: “It is a big recognition. I never thought I would be among them.”

Clementine goes above and beyond the call of duty to support other parts of the organization, sharing best practices and contributing to our alignment of processes.

I am happy to see other regions adopting some of the best practices developed in EMEA.

People who know Clementine confirm she has a high sense of responsibility, is always happy to step in and help, and never stops where her job ends. 
If there is one of The PPG Way values I like to remember, it is definitely ‘we do better today than yesterday, every day’.

Recognizing the Need for Good Prioritization Skills

Clementine had been working flexible hours for several years, putting in extra hours when needed for specific projects, and being available for meetings with colleagues in other time zones.

What made it work was a supportive team and managers who were more focused on my output than my time spent at the office.

 But since she had her daughter in April, she has chosen to work four days a week instead of five for a while. She acknowledges the need to be realistic and practice good prioritization of tasks. She welcomes the new flexible approach to ways of working being adopted across PPG. 
This flexible work arrangement gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter, while continuing to add value to our PMC team. I see how fast she grows and it is great to get to enjoy those times.

 A Busy and Successful Year

Now that Clementine is working from home, she misses the regular contact with her colleagues, but really appreciates video calls with them.

It is always good to learn from others, no matter how old or young they are. So when it comes to understanding about how to take a positive approach in all you do, maybe Clementine’s six-month old daughter holds the key:

Despite everything happening in the world right now, she’s always smiling. Reminding me that you can be very happy with very little.

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