Published: December 21, 2017
Published: December 21, 2017

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Futures Brighten thanks to PPG Apprenticeship Fair

Following a strategic re-launch of the local PPG apprenticeship branding programme lead by Jessica Bardeli, PPG is now represented at key apprentice fairs in Germany.

Just recently, we attended fairs held in the towns of Wuppertal and Karlsruhe and met some of the bright minds of the future! Apprenticeship programmes are very popular amongst the younger generation especially in the near of the locations Wuppertal, Weingarten and Bodelshausen and PPG apprentices attended these fairs to give guests first-hand insight into the opportunities we have to offer.

In Wuppertal apprentices Nico Starsberg and Yilmaz Güler proudly represented the PPG programmes, speaking to guests and sharing their achievements with them. Each apprentice was supervised by their mentors, Jessica Bardeli and Andreas Bauer. In Einstieg Karlsruhe, apprentices Felix Wacker and Anna-Lena Frei and their supervisors Matthias Zimmermann and Hans-Jürgen Sauff exhibited their stands to hundreds of attendees.

The Einstieg in Karlsruhe is renown for its career advice services to young people and job seekers, it has served the community for 20 years and has built itself reputable status. The venue lived up to its name as hundreds of enthusiastic guests arrived filling the day with interesting conversations.

The two fairs were an excellent opportunity to allow the apprentices to reflect on their own time at PPG through sharing their experiences with potential future apprentices and young people. Both fairs also resulted in fantastic successes. PPG staff and visitors had many meaningful conversations and increased the number of applicants to the apprenticeship programme in Germany by 53%. The teams now look forward to the Apprenticeship Fairs that starts in January 2018, in Karlsruhe.

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