Published: May 15, 2019
Published: May 15, 2019

Gender Diversity, Underpinning Our Automotive Business

Meet Giulia Krali, Quattordio’s expert on implementing our innovative Low Cure Technology! Giulia led a project for our premium Automotive OEM customer, Ferrari, and took initiative from the very beginning. Her work ensured a smooth technology transition on the customer’s site and for this she’s been recognized as a PPG Proud Hero!

I’m very satisfied in my role – it can be challenging at times as I’m not from a production or chemical background. I studied Economics. The first thing I appreciate about my job is the direct relationship with the customer, which is a very important element.

Coordinator for Low Cure Technology

Low Cure resins contain a new hardener which enhances the chemical and mechanical resistance of coatings. The new formula also boosts cross-coat linking which increases chemical hydrophobicity and reduces water permeability.

Being one of the instrumental coordinators in the project, Giulia has a passion for continuous improvement and delivering consumer satisfaction. When managing the Automotive team, she took responsibility with pride and dedication to learn.

Thanks to the whole team in Quattordio that followed this new technology, thanks to my boss Massimo Natale that supported me every day to achieve this goal. Low Cure Technology is the future in Automotive!

Giulia continues to build her customer-network and understanding their needs to improve consumer trust.

Automotive Leading the Way in Gender Diversity

Working on projects for premium customers like Low Cure Technology, she has already exceeded her expectations. With her expanding knowledge of logistics, Giulia wants to continue finding opportunities to grow in her professional life. As a mother who often works away from home, she finds the support of her family and colleagues extremely motivating.

I am #PPGProud because I feel part of a company that is breaking with tradition in the Automotive sector and putting women in the front line of creating value for our most prestigious customers.

Giulia believes, that if someone wants to achieve a result, it is not dependent on their gender.

I know that the Automotive sector is especially a male-driven environment, even if things are changing. I think women have ‘emotional intelligence’ that many times adds value to the job. In this position I have the will to learn every day.

We’re really excited to highlight Giulia. She is a successful, hard-working and a knowledgeable colleague who brings many skills to her role.
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