Published: April 25, 2018
Published: April 25, 2018

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Global Business Services Launches in Wrocław, Poland

On the 5th March 2018, PPG opened its new Global Business Services facility in Wrocław, Poland to bring staff together in our new, modern office building. Numerous operational departments such as IT, Global Supply Management (GSM) and Logistics are now consolidating in one location.

All Together As One

The Global Business Services (GBS) concept, has been created to support the global and regional IT, GSM and logistics operations. Before this development, these departments were spread out across different locations but now 90 people work together in the same Wrocław facility.

It took only 9 months from the decision to establish this new PPG facility to the start of its operation. This project was completed in a very short time and would not have been possible without the dedication of the project team, led by Krzysztof Przybylski, IT Director Regional Technology Centre, and the support of its sponsors – Christine Camsuzou, Director, Global Supply Management, PPG EMEA, Christopher Caruso, Vice President, Information Technology and Jean-Marie Greindl, Senior Vice President Global Architectural Coatings and President PPG EMEA.

New Great Environment For Employees

Every single bit of detail in the new office was carefully considered and planned by the project team, ensuring that the office was well laid out to create a convenient and friendly work environment for PPG employees. The brand-new office has many new advantages:

  • It’s only a few hundred meters from Wrocław universities, from which PPG will recruit the many of their future talent.

  • This is PPG’s most modern building development to date.

  • It’s located near the main transportation hubs and is very close to the city center.

Jean-Marie Greindl delivered a speech highlighting the importance of the new facility for PPG and said it is a great example of bringing a One-PPG approach to life. He is excited to start the collaborative working program and is looking forward to the new opportunities that may present themselves.

Cocktail O’clock

Staff then had fun eating cake and creating their own healthy cocktails. They had to work for their cocktails though, as mixing the ingredients meant peddling on a bike powered blender! This was enjoyed by all the staff and was a fantastic way to kick start the new business center.


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