Published: April 20, 2017
Published: April 20, 2017

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Inspiration in Italy - A Country Meeting to Remember

The Italian Country Meeting was recently held with the HR Director running the agenda and 170 managers from across the country in attendance. 

The session started as it usually would with the Business Leaders presenting the 2016 results and subsequent discussions on new strategies for the future. The stereotypical meeting program was then thrown out the window as a 'special guest' was ushered on to the stage!

Olympic Bronze Winning Italian volleyball coach Mauro Berruto jumped straight in to an inspirational talk on leadership, teamwork and motivation methods for your team and those around you.

He gave insight on the willingness people show to reach their goals, the energy and the difficulty you usually meet during an important project or activity and shared his favourite uplifting and motivational videos in aid of his explanation.

All the videos were packed full of emotional as he shared examples of champions in art, music, football and in other disciplines in an attempt to present parallels to the lives of managers within PPG.

It's safe to say everyone came out of the meeting with a new sense of elation and motivation to inspire and really work on leading our teams to greatness in 2017.

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