Published: April 11, 2017
Published: April 11, 2017

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Introducing the YPO

It's been very exciting to see the momentum grow behind the Young Professional Organisation network here in EMEA. In 2014, a small team of colleagues from PPG sites in the Netherlands launched the first PPG Young Professionals Organisation (YPO) in EMEA.

Today, nearly 800 EMEA employees, most of whom are in the early stages of their PPG careers, are active members of six YPO chapters. By the end of this year, the EMEA region hopes to welcome one or two more chapters to its expanding YPO network.

To keep pace with this growth, the EMEA YPO communications team recently launched a quarterly newsletter that highlights the programs, activities and networking opportunities of each YPO chapter.

As part of their organisational mission, the YPOs in each country provide members with a range of networking and professional development programs, as well as social and community engagement opportunities. Many members find that the shared experiences help build personal and professional relationships, and can foster a newfound pride in work.

Since more countries are developing and launching their own chapters, this seemed like the ideal time to develop a tool that would link our chapters and help us build a more connected PPG YPO.

The inaugural issue features updates from each chapter, as well as a shared EMEA YPO calendar so that members can attend and participate in YPO events in other countries when travelling. Additional team members who assisted with the newsletter project include Anne Sybil-Bragadir, EMEA generational sponsor, Diversity & Inclusion Council and EMEA YPO ambassadors:

  • Veronika  Kyjovska, Brno
  • Stephenie Dorenbos and Martin Van Dijk, Netherlands
  • Paulina Kasperek and Anna Kozeko, Poland
  • Ronald Mueller and Alisa Maier, Germany
  • Laura Kerekgyarto and Anna Daroczi, Hungary
  • Ben Wilde, Jake Rogers and Gemma Carr, United  Kingdom
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