Published: July 03, 2018
Published: July 03, 2018

Italian Superwomen in PPG: Driving Success at Work & at Home

Last week, we celebrated some of the amazing women working in engineering in Italy. We’re delighted to share more inspiring stories from the Italian Envirobase team.

These colleagues have contributed influential value to the Refinish sector and to their own facility by building a solid foundation and offering expert skills. Carola Di Maio, Chiara Pagano told us their personal and professional stories.

Where did you hear about PPG?

PPG is the very first company I worked for! I joined the company after an apprenticeship in 2002. I was fascinated by the corporate culture and work environment, including the helpfulness of colleagues and managers, who supported me and ‘believed’ in my skills, promoting me to the role of Collision Waterborne Lab Manager. I feel fulfilled at PPG, both professionally and personally. I also met my husband here and we now have two children.

How do you reconcile your professional and personal life?

It’s not an easy feat to manage both the private and professional life at the same time. You need to be an excellent planner and hone your organizational skills for daily activities. Let’s say that… I am still learning!

Tell us about your leadership style

I consider my leadership style balanced. I always do my utmost to listen. I consider it essential for a manager. It’s not easy to build cooperation in a team of 11, who are of different abilities and of different generations, but high-performance levels can be achieved by involving people and always working as a team.

What advice would you give the new generations that are stepping into the occupational world?

Be humble. Learn from colleagues who have more experience than you do. Humbleness and patience are always rewarding. Finally, be curious to activate the mind with a positive approach.

How long have you worked for PPG?

After my diploma and various work experience in the paints sector, I joined PPG in 1995, and worked with the Research & Development team.

Tell us about your typical day

Like Carola, I feel fulfilled here at PPG, both personally and professionally. I am also married to a colleague, and we have two children, Matteo who is 17 and Federica who is 11. We live in Solaro but my children attend school in Bollate, near PPG Refinish facility and the home of their grandparents. To make the most of our time, we set off together from home and branch out during the journey, until I finally get to PPG. We obviously do the reverse, when I leave work at the end of the day. The journey offers me the opportunity to discuss daily priorities and the day’s events.

After 23 years at PPG, what are the skills you have acquired and contributed to the company during this period?

Unquestionably experience, continuity and passion for my work, which I have done my utmost to convey to my team members.

Did you experience any difficulties during your career?

I have had low spirits at times, but I always managed them by finding something new to do, in order to always be busy. I am a proactive person, I enjoy learning and contributing to new innovations within the company.

What was a crucial moment in your career?

It was in 2001. l recall it as an unexpected moment when I realized I had built trust-based relations with my colleagues and managers. I found it encouraging to think that somebody had thought of me as such an important position.

What did you find most rewarding in the Envirobase Platform?

Winning the prize for developing the platform and collecting the award in Pittsburgh. I got to visit the United States with my team. Andrea Giunta presented me with the award in front of an audience of international colleagues. I think it was the greatest acknowledgement for all the effort and commitment I dedicated to the project.
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