Published: November 14, 2019
Published: November 14, 2019

Janet’s New Line of Edible Paint Tins

Janet Moore is a PPG administrator in the Technical Advisory Department based in Birstall, UK, and has worked with us since 2011. She loves interacting with her colleagues, both office- and field-based. But according to her peers from the Architectural Coatings facility in Birstall, she’s also their official cake maker!

A Shared Cake Experience for All

I thoroughly enjoy trying to match the cakes to my colleagues’ interests and, in some cases, personality.

Janet is a true cake aficionado, and whatever the occasion, her cakes always come up top trumps. Her sweet creations have included surprise retirement and birthday cakes, all which never fail to create quite a buzz in the office.

For her colleagues who had recently got married, she collaborated with friends to create a ‘wedding breakfast’, which included champagne jelly flutes, cupcakes, and heart-shaped biscuits.

The cakes she makes are amazing and people often ask her to make them for their families as well.
Pamela Morley

How the Cake Creator Was Born

My son arrived home with a cute picture of a birthday cake in the shape of a dog eating a small bone and ambitiously expected to have it finished for the next day!

Janet’s introduction to cake making came ten years ago from her son. He wanted to make a complicated cake for his friend’s daughter’s birthday. As he had never made anything of the sort before, Janet lent a hand. She found that she loved solving structural problems and bringing the facial features to life. Thankfully for her colleagues, it was the birth of something very sweet!

Baking for a Good Cause

This is not the first time her cake-making skills have completely WOW’d the entire department.
Thomas MacIntosh

In September, the Birstall site organized a charity week in support of their charity partner Prostate Cancer UK, which is a charity they have been supporting for the past three years. There were raffles, brew and bake events, and competitions. One of these contests was to guess the weight of a cake. And not just any cake!

I was approached by one of our colleagues to make an actual-size cake in the shape and likeness of the JOHNSTONE’S® Perfect Matt tin to coincide with the launch of the Perfect Matt paint.

Her cake was a roaring success and the correct weight was 2.2 kg. The winner got the first piece and then the rest of the cake was shared. It was the first time, however, that Janet had ever made a themed iced cake for a fundraiser, but she has baked for other charity events, like the local daycare center her late husband attended.

Creative Skills Beyond the Kitchen

I like baking because it provides the opportunity to share things and it generally brings people together, even if they’re on a diet!

Janet’s talents don’t stop in the kitchen! She loves creating things that have an end result. As well as sewing, Janet also likes gardening, where she can watch things develop and grow, and share plants and cuttings.

But for her, baking definitely remains number one, much to her colleagues’ relief!


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