Published: January 05, 2018
Published: January 05, 2018

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Lucie Hudcová Strives for Operational Optimisation

Meet Lucie Hudcová, GL (General Ledger) Coordinator at PPG Shared Services Center Brno, Czech Republic. Lucie has worked her way up from a part time role during her studies, eight years ago, to her recent promotion from GL Accountant to GL Coordinator.

As GL Coordinator, Lucie has flourished in her role, going above and beyond her already extensive list of responsibilities. Duties include correspondence with all departments, AP (Accounts Payable), AR (Accounts Receivable) and local finance teams.

Her role is essential in ensuring that all departments run like clockwork. Lucie recently identified a glitch with a new software which revealed some outstanding invoices and although it was not her responsibility, Lucie took it upon herself to resolve these issues and prevent any problematic relations within the supply chain.

I saw how overloaded the AP department was with processing invoices and didn’t have time to solve the issue. I also wanted to help to clear our accounts to satisfy controllers.

On working with our clients to investigate the root cause for some of the outstanding invoices, Lucie discovered a simple sign off issue. She put together a whole new approval system and fixed the problem through standardisation and automation. The approval system is now used as a standard process and has been implemented into the operational system. This meant that suppliers were able to have their old invoices processed as soon as possible.


Lucie's work has also helped make the overall process much smoother and more efficient. Her hard work and receptivity goes beyond the local businesses in Brno and will influence others beyond her local PPG community, potentially effecting wider costs and revenue.

The impact is mainly on suppliers. The fact that AP has all the elements to record invoices saves time and reduces delays in payment. All this makes that on the outside, PPG France has a more beautiful “image” and is a serious Company.
Sylvie Burette, PPG finance assistant, France
Lucie understands the notion of One PPG perfectly and is always willing to help AP even if it means doing more than what is expected from her. Over the years, with Lucie’s help, we’ve managed to book many old invoices for which she was able to get the booking information from our local colleagues and improve many processes. She never gives up and never fails to support her colleagues.
Zuzana Satrapová, PPG AP supervisor, Brno

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