Published: November 22, 2018
Published: November 22, 2018

Meet Jeroen: PPG’s Ironman from Netherlands

We are proud to introduce you our Ironman from Netherlands! Meet Jeroen, team leader and passionate sportsman. Jeroen van der Horst loves sports and enjoys taking part in triathlons. He is a firm believer that training will result in success, both physically and mentally.

“If you want something, go for it,” he says. Jeroen’s determination has propelled his career with PPG further than imagined. As our newly appointed PPG technical support team leader at the technical center in Uithoorn, the Netherlands, his responsibility has increased tenfold. By implementing physical challenges to his routine, such as the Ironman Copenhagen triathlon, Jeroen keeps his head clear and focused on the career strides he wants to make.

Self-Belief & Hard Work Always Earn You Success

Originally, Jeroen started his PPG journey as Technical Advisor DIY, which expanded into Trade, too. His perseverance led to another promotion to DIY Specialist in 2017.

This was all achieved while competing in an increasing number of running and triathlon events and many training hours. Once Jeroen had a taste of hard work and success, he craved more – in work and triathlons!

Just before I crossed the finish line in my first marathon in Vienna, I said that I would never do this again. A few months later, I had already signed up for the next race marathon in Rome.

Now, as the new team leader for technical support in the Netherlands, his ability to reach goals and finish lines is one of his most reliable assets. As his 4-year work anniversary approaches, Jeroen is busier than ever.

He is currently training for the Ironman Barcelona triathlon, which takes place in October 2019. This is considered to be one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world, and after Copenhagen, this will be his second time that he is going to do an Ironman!

Make a Goal & Go for It!

At work, he uses this endurance training to remain appreciative of his new role and the challenges he faces. Jeroen’s success within work and triathlons is down to exercise. After a long, hard day at work, it relaxes him and clears his head to go for a swim, a bike ride or a run in the evening.

This is not only as training for the triathlon, but it also helps him to remain stress-free and feel physically fit. For Jeroen, his career goals and triathlons require the same skills and determination.

Make a goal and go for it! Whether it’s sport or work, if you work hard, the chances of success are great. I always want to go 100% for my goals.

As the seasoned competitor continues training for the Ironman Barcelona triathlon, Jeroen is excited to develop his PPG career alongside it. In his career and races, he has a lot to learn. Nevertheless, he is really looking forward to it!


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