Published: February 05, 2020
Published: February 05, 2020

‘Open Work Environment Based on Trust Empowers Me to Do Better’

Alexandra Foltanova (or Saška, as she’s known) has worked with us for just over a year. Although she has only been with us for a short time, she is already running and supporting some of our big services and projects.

As a coordinator for HR specialized services based in Brno, Czech Republic, she is actively and fully supporting all three global services of the team: security admin, mass data upload and reporting. On top of this, she is also the team coordinator, distributing the workload and managing administrative tasks.
It stuns me how many tasks she can handle at the same time to such high quality.
Vojtech Novak, PPG specialized services team leader

A Work Ethic That Aligns Perfectly with Our Values

Trust is a key word with Saška and she embodies The PPG Way value ‘We trust our people every day in every way’. Not only does she place utmost trust in her colleagues, but she makes herself a trustworthy colleague in every respect too.

It is crucial that I can rely on Alexandra – that she knows what to do and that she can manage herself. Which she certainly does.
Vojtech Novak

She is also a promoter of another value of The PPG Way ‘We do better today than yesterday – every day’. Because anyone who works with her can bear witness to the progress she has made in her time with us – in her hard and soft skills alike! She even dedicates her free time to her personal and career development, attending language courses and learning how to lead a team.

I am #PPGProud to be part of PPG as it allows me to work in an open environment based on trust, which empowers me to do better. Secondly, I can see that my work has an impact and I can participate in changes: mainly improving the processes and our colleague’s satisfaction with the People Pulse Support Center (the internal HR support center).
Alexandra Foltanova

A Source of Inspiration and Support for Her Colleagues

Saška believes firmly in listening carefully and then finding the very best solutions for her customers. Through this, she has built a reputation for excellent communication and relations with them, and senior management too.

As the holder of multiple star rewards from our internal employee recognition program, Saška is clearly a highly valued colleague. But the rewards and recognition haven’t gone to her head. She remains as dedicated as ever to delivering more and going the extra mile.

I was working with Saška on security cases in the first month after the People Pulse Support Center launch and I was really impressed by her accountability, her ability to learn new things very quickly and her professionalism. We cooperate very often so I know that one of her strengths is problem solving – when she faces a problem, she listens first, takes into account everything and then comes up with an ideal solution. I am #PPGProud that we have such an exceptional colleague in our teams.
Jana Kalova, PPG customer interaction center supervisor

Her positive, hardworking, confident and professional approach – even in very stressful situations – contributes greatly to the overall success of the team. What’s more, her colleagues consider her friendly and supportive – the sort of person they just couldn’t do without.

Saška simply makes things happen. No matter how big the challenge is, what it takes, how much time and effort needs to be invested, when an issue is with her, you can consider it done.
Michal Galas, PPG HR operations manager, EMEA

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