Published: May 15, 2018
Published: May 15, 2018

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Our Role Models Help Girls Overcome Stereotypes

PPG is fully committed to building a more diversified workforce. Our efforts have helped women advance in every strategic business area and across every department, from finance to supply chain. We’re also inspiring the next generation of girls to ensure the diversity of the workforce of the future.

Female Role Models

PPG’s Italian Women’s Leadership Council collaborated with Valore D, to help support female leadership in the corporate world. Valore D launched the ‘Inspiring Girls’ campaign to encourage middle school girls to look beyond gender stereotypes when choosing their future career paths.

PPG fully supported this campaign by sponsoring the project and Ingrid Cardinale, EMEA Resin Process Engineer was an instrumental model role at the event. She visited the ‘De Amicis’ school in Succivo, Italy where she told all the students to "follow your dreams and never stop believing in yourself”.

Our goal was to share a positive message with the next generation, to raise awareness that girls can offer their contributions in any segment of the working world.
Ingrid Cardinale, PPG EMEA resin process engineer

She talked with the girls and their mothers about a wide range of career opportunities for women, including those in the scientific and technological fields. Ingrid’s career story was inspiring, and the girls saw her as a role mode. Ingrid and her colleague Nilde Martinelli, Demand and Order Management Manager, donated a collection of inspirational books to the school library on behalf of PPG.

Inspiring Ladies

Pauline Mathon, Human Resources Manager, Switzerland, shared similar messages with motivated and skilled young women at the Women’s Contact-Day 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Pauline and her colleagues met with more than 75 women who are graduating from universities that specialize in applied sciences. The students shared their experiences with PPG and discussed ways in which PPG promotes and supports women in the workplace.

It can be a challenge to attract women to our industry. But our messages really resonated with the graduates, and they were very impressed by the career resources we offer to women and young professionals. We hope to welcome many of them to PPG in the months to come.
Pauline Mathon, PPG human resources manager, Switzerland

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