Published: October 17, 2019
Published: October 17, 2019

Petra Creates Better Employee Experiences, down to the Last Drop

It is hard to pick out who deserves to be a Rainmaker. There are so many exceptional individuals in PPG who truly make a difference in what they do and the positive influence they have on our lives. It’s time to meet one such fine example, Petra Dejmal, service portal lead in the HR Transformation Project. She is based in our Shared Service Center in Brno, Czech Republic, from where she is cooperating with the whole world!

In her role as project leader, she coordinates the work around our human resources portal called PeoplePulse. The technology itself is very exciting because it is all about matching what it does to the people it serves. In short, us!

Try Walking in Their Shoes

It is very challenging, but at the same time rewarding, to always try to put yourself into the customers’ shoes.

So how does Petra actually manage to deliver such a mammoth task? Not surprisingly, it is a combination of phases and great cooperation. From creating teams to write new portal articles to working with internal and external colleagues to implement new system functionalities, she handles it all.

Petra and her team are constantly shaping the portal to meet our colleagues’ needs. She finds the challenge of stepping into their shoes and seeing it from their perspective very rewarding.

Build, Tweak, Refine, Repeat

When designing new technology, having stakeholders onboard and actively defining their expectations and needs is a challenge. However, it is about ensuring that this results in our employees’ experiences being better and better.

We are on a path of continuous improvement, trying to think about what more can we improve in our employee experience.
And in the same way Petra helps her colleagues’ improve their PPG lives, her personal journey has also very much been one of growth and learning. She joined us four years ago as an HR data analyst before moving to HR Project Altitude two years later. On a personal side, Petra also has a special project of her own, becoming a mother – the ultimate in project management!

Find an Expert, Learn from Them

Find the expert who you can learn from, ask more questions, try to be agile.

Petra is the first to admit that she gets her inspiration from the people she works with through their love of humor, and their energy, positivity and forward-thinking.

It’s important to focus on business priorities as well as on your own development and be emphatic with your colleagues as well as with your customers.
And this great team spirit also extends outside the office. Petra is a professional sommelier in her free time. Her dedication to the team shone through during a wine competition in Brno, when she had to taste more than 120 wines in four hours. Although the team was under such demanding, as she puts it, “wine pressure”, they still managed to come to a mutual agreement about the winner. Professional to the end, well, to the end of the bottle, that is.

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