Published: March 14, 2018
Published: March 14, 2018

PPG Celebrates Women Around EMEA

On the 8th March 2018, different sites from across PPG EMEA region came together to celebrate diversity and gender equality for International Women's Day. This global day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

PPG’s Wonder Women 

PPG spent the day embracing diversity and honoring the vital and significant role of women within the company. The EMEA Women Leadership Council (WLC) prepared various activities for female employees across many locations.


Birstall & Morley

  • An International Women’s Day stand was set up in the canteen offering a selection of free purple themed merchandise to colleagues. This included things like crocus bulbs, lavender pouches and purple sweets.

  • The canteen also offered a selection of female themed menu options such as: Quiche Lorraine and Eve’s Pudding.

  • They also launched a Lending Library of IWD related reading material.

  • Staff from the field-based team also showed their support by creating Selfie Card Profile Photos with bold statements on.


  • An International Women’s Day stand was also established in the Stowmarket reception area and staff handed out purple themed merchandise.

  • Members of staff showed their support by creating Selfie Card Profile Photos with bold statements on.

  • Purple and white cupcakes were sold to support the Lighthouse Project, which is a charity that offers refuge to families who’ve fallen victim to domestic abuse in the Ipswich area.


  • International Women’s Day activities were set up by Kay O’Malley and Anita Kothari which included decorating the office with purple balloons and bunting.

  • Staff members all wore purple to work.


  • Vanessa Etherington and Elaine Maughan set up an International Women’s Day stand which also had free purple themed merchandise on offer.

  • A customized menu also was created based on female food options.

    Overall, there has been fantastic teamwork across the sites to make this a successful day. A massive Thank You to all those involved, including the sponsors of the event, Paul Dowie, HR Director UK&I, AC & Scandinavia, David Heal, Refinish Director UK&I and Mike Walsh, Stowmarket Plant Manager. A special mention must also go out to Kathryn Halstead, WLC Country Coordinator, she has been instrumental in leading the success of this event across the UK site

    Karen King, PPG customer and sales support manager


  • German sites celebrated this special days with flowers in all locations: Bochum, Bodelshausen, Weingarten, Wuppertal.

  • Special recognition must go to Monika Tillmanns, Customer Replenishment who is celebrating 40 years of service at the PPG Wuppertal site.

Czech Republic

  • Female employees from the SSC Brno site were also given tulips from all their male colleagues.


  • All female employees received chocolates and beautiful spring Hyacinth flowers.


  • Each female received a brightly colored orchid in a beautiful vase as a gift from Nikos Georgiou, Managing Director PPG Hellas.


  • In the Moscow and Kolomna offices all male staff created a stunning musical which was about a new car designed especially for women. One employee even wrote a poem and recited it. Men also cooked numerous dishes for all the women which included cheesecake, apple pie, salads and sandwiches. All the female employees were also given roses and tulips.

  • In Saint Petersburg, male staff order delicious pizza and handed out flowers to all the female staff.

  • The Lipetsk office was set up like a restaurant with various different meals on offer for all the women. The men then organized a quiz and sang song.

  • In Kolomna, men gave out lipstick shaped chocolates and cooked the women shashlik.


  • Women in Turkey were given the gift of water to promote healthy living. Each female member of staff including outsourced members, were given a personalized pitcher and glass of water featuring their name and the special message “beautiful with you”.


  • All female employees at the Italian site received a lovely gift from Marco Farea, Plant Manager of Ampaspace. He also personally thanked the women for all their hard work and fantastic achievements.

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