Published: January 22, 2020
Published: January 22, 2020

I am #PPGProud to Use My Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

Alexandra Vassiliadou is in her fifteenth year with PPG, but her positivity, humor, and get-it-done attitude never fail to impress even those who know her well. These are just some of her personal attributes that led to her well-deserved nomination as a PPGProud Hero.

She is extremely engaged in everything she does. She keeps people involved in making things happen.
Paolo Tornaghi, General Manager PPG Hellas SA
As the executive administration for Protective and Marine Coatings in Greece and cross-business communication representative, Alexandra is in charge of technical services coordination. She also supports sales and organizes events.
Though she handles a wide variety of tasks at the same time, she never shies away from new responsibilities. In fact, she’s supportive of anyone who needs her help. Yet, her results are invariably remarkable.
Chris Antonis, PPG marine sales manager Greece, Protective and Marine Coatings

The First Person You Call When You Want Something Done

If there was one PPG value that Alexandra stands for, it’s “We Make It Happen”. Because that’s what she does, day in, day out.

You can trust her. No need to check on progress with her projects – you can be sure she is working on it.

We’re not the only ones who know it. Her attitude wins over our customers too, who trust and count on her for support.

On so many occasions, customers contact her directly (rather than contacting the account manager) as they know she will always provide the best attention to their request.

For Alexandra, No Task Is Too Small… or Big

Alexandra’s extensive experience is of great value to her team and she adds value to every project she works on. But this doesn’t stop her from always wanting to learn more and grow. She brings her positive energy to work every day and dedicates herself to even her smallest tasks. Even though the marine business is stressful, she manages to stay calm while maintaining a swift, steady pace.

Alexandra is part of our extended EMEA communications team. Although communications is not her primary responsibility, she is a truly dedicated person. Her organization and passion for the job is contagious. What’s more, she is very positive person and it is always a pleasure to work with her.
Maria Jakabova, PPG senior communications specialist, EMEA

Her colleagues consider her to be a positive, dedicated, hard-working, respectful, supportive, and pleasant person who always delivers results.

She isn’t afraid of a challenge either! Alexandra recently helped win the renewal of a very important and big contract with one of our most important customers by creating a booklet that illustrated all the paint systems used on all 75 of their vessels. She also put together an exquisite guide in Excel format and a PowerPoint presentation. Alexandra not only created the whole project from scratch, but she presented it herself to the top management of the customer, who were really impressed by the result.

Always Going an Extra Mile for the Community

In her role in cross-business communication, she puts the same energy into supporting and enhancing our community engagement concept as she does her work.

All her projects are well organized and inspiring. She offers all her positive energy to make things happen, expecting nothing in return.
She not only works really hard to make projects happen, but she even dedicates her free time. She put her heart and soul into the last two COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects. She really cares about others. I admire her and I'm #PPGProud to work with her.
Lucie Polesovska, PPG senior community engagement specialist, EMEA

Thanks to her colorful contribution, the girls at the Chatzikiriakeio Childcare Institution now have a vibrant space to live in. The career event she organized taught the girls confidence and that they can change their lives and pursue careers in any field.

A Little Bit of Fun Goes A Long Way

According to her colleagues, Alexandra is the very definition of humor. No matter how stressful the situation, she will always find a positive angle and make people laugh. No doubt, everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her will have a funny story to tell!

She says she thinks she looks a bit like Princess Merida from Disney’s ‘Brave’ movie – and she really does! She has beautiful curly ginger hair – and she is brave.

Alexandra’s positive energy is something everyone notices and loves about her. That goes along with the fact that she really cares and is always there for them.

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