Published: June 23, 2020
Published: June 23, 2020

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Recognizing Our Female Talents on International Women in Engineering Day

One of PPG’s greatest strengths is the diversity of our people. In honor of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, we are recognizing female professionals working in engineering roles within our company. Get inspired by their experiences, reflections of being an engineer, motivations in their jobs and their perspectives on the importance of including women in technical sectors.

Nuria Martínez Berenguer

Women have a place at PPG and I am trying to ensure that we continue to be accepting and open to female talent. Today we have access to some incredibly astute female minds, which we cannot afford to overlook.
Nuria Martínez Berenguer, PPG plant manager, Valencia, Spain

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Isabella Ercole

We have made a commitment to diversity as part of a long-term strategy. We are beginning to see results, but there is still a lot to do. In addition to what the company is putting in place, we as women must continue to work on ourselves too. This bi-lateral approach will be the most effective way to reach our diversity and inclusion strategy.
Isabella Ercole, leader of PPG’ Women’s Leadership Council for EMEA, managing director PPG Italy & plant director of our Quattordio plant, Italy

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Claire Fisher

My dad was one of my first and biggest supporters in me pursuing a STEM role. One of his favorite quotes was a Latin originated quote that translates to ‘fortune favors the bold.’ This quote both reminds me of him and motivates me in my work when faced with difficulties, such as before an interview or a big presentation.
Claire Fisher, PPG development engineer, Cleveland E-Coat Engineering, Ohio, USA

Lupina Garza

The very beginning of my career in what can be considered as a ‘man world’ were challenging. But with hard work, passion and treating my peers as equal, I overcame all situations and positioned myself with respect and rewarding experiences.
Lupina Garza, PPG commercial manager for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Heavy Duty Trucks, Mexico

Cindy Kutchko

When I started my career 32 years ago, engineering was definitely a ‘male world.’ I remember my first big meeting at a customer site as a young chemist. I was the presenter so my primary focus was on my presentation and not my surroundings. Once I completed the presentation and sat down, I looked around the room and realized I was the only woman in a group of 15. But now things have changed and they are continuing to change for the better here at PPG.
Cindy Kutchko, PPG group leader for Research & Development, Pittsburgh, USA

Kanchana Ramanujam

At PPG, all employees are given equal opportunities and avenues are open to everyone who is deserving irrespective of gender. My family has also been supportive in all my career decisions. With our company having a global presence and products across many industries, we impact the lives of millions of people. Our efforts in creating products that are sustainable and initiatives that focus on engaging with communities make me #PPGProud.
Kanchana Ramanujam, PPG executive for ASIAN PAINTS, India

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Jennifer Roeder

Over the course of my career, PPG has adopted more progressive positions that support both female and male professionals, such as parental leave policy and increased receptiveness of work from home policies. I appreciate that PPG launched and continues support of the Women’s Leadership Council; and the great many opportunities and exposures that have come from both the corporate group and individual chapters.
Jennifer Roeder, PPG North America operations manager Substrate Protection Systems, Automotive OEM Coatings

Mayra Ways

When I decided to study engineering, my family tried to convince me to find a different, ‘more female’ profession. Making the case with my family has prepared me for these kind of situations in the future. It is not our gender that defines our skills. Education, dedication and ability to pass through problems will define our career. What I could see during these 19 years is that a different point of view can do a big change.
Mayra Ways, PPG EHS manager for Latin America South

To achieve the best outcomes, it’s important that everyone, male and female, champions diversity in the workplace. Learn more.  
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