Published: December 05, 2018
Published: December 05, 2018

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Smashing Career Goals and Gender Stereotypes!

From living in the USA to her move to the Czech Republic, Monika Konieczna has seen a whole lot of the world! Monika is a busy, successful woman who juggles her career, fitness and her love of art, live music and travelling to new places. But her adventures are only just beginning!

As part of her new role as PPG sales enablement consultant, Monika has been given the opportunity to collaborate with Miller Heiman Group (MHG) to develop a global sales excellence and cultural transformation program in EMEA. Her experiences travelling around the globe have given her the incredible skills needed to realize nothing is impossible when it comes to achieving!

Smashing Career Goals and Personal Challenges

As a young woman, Monika is constantly developing her skills, challenging herself and learning new, exciting things to keep pushing her career forward. While her journey to success involves a lot of hard work, Monika says remaining proactive is the key to success.

If you want to achieve big things in life, you need to aim high and go for it!

Additionally, she knows there’s support in place for young women like her at PPG. To young women who want to smash through gender stereotypes, Monika encourages you to be curious, courageous and leap into opportunity:

We can only grow by stepping outside of our comfort zones!

Uniting Sales Teams

Our mission towards diversity has allowed her to learn about, and develop, an exciting new strategy that will unite the many cultures spread across our EMEA workforces! The program with MHG aims to improve the skills of sales teams across the region.

Monika hopes to develop a new training strategy that will unite the regions. Moreover, through the second module of the sales training program, sales managers will learn valuable coaching strategies to promote team development, communication and high performance culture.

Multicultural Collaboration

In order to get this exciting program off the ground, Monika will need to travel around the region to speak to our multicultural teams. One of the biggest challenges will be engaging with people from around EMEA to get everybody on board.

However, Monika says that her passion for travelling allows her to take different perspectives into consideration. She even managed to visit all continents except Antarctica before reaching 30! Her approach to multiculturalism and difference is admirable. By getting to know each individual sales team, she’ll be able to understand how to make the new sales training suitable for everyone.
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