Published: October 03, 2018
Published: October 03, 2018

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'Success Is the Result of Effort!'

Meet Pilar Murciano Santos, PPG IT Consultant for EMEA. Pilar received her Rainmaker Award after showing outstanding skills and dedication during the 18-month Oracle Transportation Management process.

Her exceptional coordination of activities greatly helped to improve multiple Oracle sites in the EMEA region.

For me, to receive this award was a big surprise! I never thought I was up to the standards of other colleagues who received this award before me.

Where It All Started

After spending her time as a teacher and an IT assistance, Pilar joined PPG as an IBM system operator 30 years ago. Since then, the legacy system has been migrated and Pilar worked in other areas as a programmer and functional analyst.

She then joined the Oracle IT Organisation in 2003 within the purchasing technical area.

It was a real challenge, but it became my passion as my knowledge and experience progressively grew.

In 2009, Pilar joined the Oracle Order to Cash team and spent her time focussing on shipping execution and important sales processes. Midway through 2016, she then led the execution of the Oracle Transportation Management.

I am looking forward to new challenges ahead!

Always on the Move

Pilar spends a lot of her time visiting a number of PPG sites located around Europe, making it clear to us that she has grown professionally during her employment. Her travels have given her the opportunity to meet other work colleagues and work with them on building up a mutual trust.

Due to the constant technological transformations, Pilar has become eager to learn, always looking for new solutions and works on the satisfaction of our internal stakeholders.

My job has given me many opportunities to help, support, teach and train my colleagues and I am very proud and very satisfied.

An Open Spirit

Enjoying long walks through the countryside and taking the time to visit her distant family, it has always been clear to us that Pilar is an open spirited woman, willing to go the extra mile to make others feel happy.

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