Published: March 12, 2018
Published: March 12, 2018

The Secret to Creating a Magnet for Customers

Meet Els Geerts, Manager of the Visitor Centre at the PPG site in Amsterdam. Els has been recognized as an Extra Mile Hero for creating a new successful networking project and great customer service.

Her idea was to run a boat tour through Amsterdam to allow for greater client interaction. Soon after the launch, the tour became a great success.  However, at the beginning there were numerous hurdles she had to overcome.

Initial Problems Didn’t Scare Her

First, she had to find a suitable quay which was walking distance from the PPG Visitor Centre, this was challenging as many of them aren’t suitable for tour boats. Then, there was an issue that only a handful of tour boat companies had the proper permits needed to sail in the oil-harbour area.

Els also had to work with the Legal Department to produce proper insurance and contracts. After solving all issues, she helped to internally promote the project. Thanks to all Els’ hard work, boat tours are now available for extra client engagement. This ‘boat arrangement’ has been a huge success. Many sales colleagues have booked the boat multiple times for customers.

The Boat Project Turned Out to Be a Huge Success

Since its introduction, over 630 customers have enjoyed a tour after their meeting at the Visitor Centre. This new networking package has helped the sales department by offering a confined space that facilitates networking.

The boat arrangements have proved to be a magnet; the Visitor Centre has welcomed many more visitors since. It has brought the Visitor Centre even closer to the customer. Both colleagues and customers are enthusiastic about the total package.
 Els has been working at PPG for over ten years, her first role was as a secretary at the Management Support Department and has been in her current role since 2011. She has thrived as Visitor Centre Manager and is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to ensure that PPG clients receive an exceptionally high standard of customer service. According to Justus Tichelman, Market Director AC Benelux Trade:
Every customer that walks through the front door of the Visitor Centre, says it feels like coming home, thanks to the great hospitality of the PPG employees.

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