Published: February 11, 2017
Published: February 11, 2017

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The WLC Gender Diversity Events Spread Throughout Europe

In 2013 the WLC EMEA kicked off several country events to expand the culture of gender diversity & inclusion and promote concrete initiatives on this mission.

The initiative spread through Italy, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and most recently, in 2016, Poland, Spain, Portugal and UK. The plan for 2017 is to continue into Germany, France and Turkey.

The events are becoming more in depth and focusing on creating awareness of the gender diversity business case. Through their vision the WLC will be championing female members of staff as role models via panel discussions and promoting the culture of inclusion and balanced leadership.

Events will also include workshops on managing work/life balance, career management and unconscious bias. Through training sessions the WLC will explore and teach delegates positive influencing methodologies to offer opportunities in developing women in better self-branding, avoiding self-limiting attitudes and improving their network efficiency.

The events will be held by local WLC committees who are working on the workshop topics more in depth. They will continue with their “affinity group” approach where volunteers accept the challenges to embrace the gender diversity and inclusion so the mission is set in stone.

We have seen a great turnout at all events to date and witnessed inspiring team spirit and willingness from local leadership teams and participants to seriously engage in the path forward.

Keep an eye on the blog and on or social media channels for more updates and for information on events near you!

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