Published: June 06, 2019
Published: June 06, 2019

‘There’s More to Wisdom Than Age and Hierarchy’

Melanie Barth, PPG integration director for the Hemmelrath Acquisition in Germany, works to contribute to evolutional change in the workplace.She ensures that The PPG Way is being fully translated to new colleagues whilst also considering their values.

Melanie started her PPG journey three years ago in 2016, with her first position as a quality director for Automotive OEM Coatings EMEA.

Standing Out From The Crowd

All my professional life I’ve worked in the automotive industry, which means for about 26 years I’ve often been the only woman around. My last employer, a Japanese automotive brake pad manufacturer, really opened my eyes. In the global leadership team of 100 people, I was the only woman.

PPG works hard to support female professionals across all areas of the business. “Very often, it’s not the company limiting the female’s career path, it’s us ourselves” states Melanie.

Melanie is also a member of Women Leadership Council (WLC) in EMEA, leading the German WLC chapter across various business units. She has contributed to a number of initiatives to help increase the opportunities available to women. When she first heard about the WLC, she knew she had found the right company to work for.

Women often still need to learn to take chances. I think as employer, PPG is very good at understanding our way of approaching things. PPG creates a suitable working environment.

It’s Not Always About Work

Melanie is the proud mother of two children, and as a single mom, realizes that it’s important to have a strong work-life balance.

Usually I get great feedback off my kids, but they tell me when it’s time to stop working and cuddle to enjoy the time we have together. It’s all about finding the right balance.

A few years ago, Melanie was asked to join a short getaway camping trip back into nature, despite her dislike for camping! However, this experience gave her the freedom and simplicity to recharge her batteries. This trip inspired her to buy a 1972 Volkswagen Camping Bus, which ignited her new-found passion for campervans.

Going Back in Time as a Stronger Woman

If Melanie was to go back in time, to the very roots of her career, her advice to herself would be to not underset her own power!

Don’t question yourself too much and show passion for what you think is worth fighting for. Wisdom is not necessarily linked to age and hierarchy.

PPG Proud

There are a lot of things about PPG that make Melanie proud.

Sometimes it’s the smaller things, like the new PPG video we recently presented to the new Hemmelrath colleagues. Other times, it’s simply the knowledge that I am part of a big PPG family that makes me feel proud, good and safe.

Melanie has found so many great colleagues and friends all over the world within the last 3 years. Cultural enrichment is something in her life that she is very grateful for.


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